1. I've watched this every year since I was a kid.
    (There's a chance it was also one of my dream life goals as a kid to someday be famous enough to participate in it)
  2. Pop culture + ball = duh
  3. (It's no mtv rock n jock but still fun. I MISS ROCK N JOCK. softball and basketball)
  4. That is a SOLID team.
  5. Also pretty dang good.
  6. Donovan moves from the pitch to pitching 😍
  7. Drew Brees. Home run.
    We learn later that he's a switch hitter. Damn, Drew. Hashtag: athlete
  8. His teammates are pumped
  9. Bearded Zack Morris
  10. Morris, baby!
  11. Except he literally hit the ball 5 feet 😂
  12. David Wells always reminds me of the bad guy from Rookie of the Year
  13. JK is hilarious. And a bit of a baller!
  14. AKA the guy from fall out boy who dated Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill
  15. Trying to call his shot 😂
  16. Wells threw behind him after the calling of the shot
    Foxx then attempted to charge the mound then ran away
  17. Lucas!!
    Team Riley 4eva
  18. lil biscuit
  19. Terry MFing Crews
  20. Went back for his hat
  21. Wells (still on the mound) snapping a pic of shirtless Terry, as he should
  22. 💪🏾
  23. He struck out. IN SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL 😂😂😂
  24. For shame
  25. Bahaha
  26. He is seriously ginormous.
  27. There was a weird bit about Foxx eating pregame corn with the fans? Made no sense. Shruggie emoji.
  28. Always a hero. Even though she spells Jenny wrong 😜
  29. Yeah, she got a hit off Landon. As she should. Girl boss, baby.
  30. On the left: one of my longest crushes that will never fade away. On the right: current inappropriate crush.
  31. Game ended when of the the kids from The Descendents tried to truck into that big dude playing catcher.
  32. Yeah....
  33. Boom. Poor baserunning choice. Stick to acting on the Disney channel 😂
  34. MVP was this adorable bearded wonder who can play a smooth hot corner. Apparently he's on teen wolf. @kaitlynvella tell me more about this guy!!!
  35. Final Score