The Rock I'll watch in almost anything but Kevin Hart is SLOWLY growing on me. So I'm interested to see how this goes.
  1. Mad Max intro. Charlize approves.
  2. And everyone approves of The Rock exposing his midsection.
  3. Is this whole thing gonna be outside in the backlot?
    I could be into that.
  4. The Rock making fun of Kevin's tinyness and Hart mocking The Rock
    Highlights include: The Big Short, Hip Hop Hobbit(which is a movie I'd totally watch) and Chocolate Shrek
  5. So far, it's feeling a bit forced. Amp up the chemistry, fellas.
  6. Like for realz this feels like the stunt shows you watch at universal studios
  7. 25th @MTV Movie Awards?!
    I'm a million years old
  8. Aw the good ol Buff lesbian shot of The Rock. You'd think it'd get old but apparently still has a little life in it.
  9. Baby Cusack!
  10. Maybe I kinda like the outdoor thing
    Also, I simultaneously love and hate her dress.
  11. Is this her first role that could have actually been "for the people"? Has she been nominated for the golden popcorn before?
    She's always up for the fancy people awards. Nice to see her with us normals.
  12. Like really let's be serious, I'm just waiting for Chris Evans and my sneak peek at Civil War. Hurry along please.
  13. Oh dear lord. Dark Chocolate Knight?
  14. Not a small man, The Rock.
  15. Bahaha. Slap you back into the Fantastic Four 😂
    Yeah, my boy Chris was the only redeeming part of that one
  16. Key and Peele. Why aren't these guy hosting? ACTUALLY funny.
    Also, Keanu looks WAY funnier than I thought it would when it first got announced. Like, it's got a Dude, Where's My Car vibe, but maybe even better (come at me, Bro. I have a soft spot for that one. Zoltan!)
  17. I actually think virtual (motion capture) performance should be a category at the big awards shows. But not for voiceover work like Amy Poehler just won for.
  18. Love her. Joy to play Joy (insert rimshot sound)
    Good speech. Especially her pretending to win it for Parks and Rec.
    I would very much like to have his babies.
  20. Over Under of how many times I'll see Civil War is currently at 3
  22. Come on, May. Hurry up.
  23. Honestly, do I really care enough to keep watching this?
  24. Who is Halsey?
  25. Whaaaaa is happening?
  26. People are cheering but I feel like it's for the fake snow floating down on them.
  27. Guys, Now You See Me was seriously so much better than it should have been. But did it need a 2nd one?
  28. Woody IS a magician, obviously.
  29. All these action nominees actually deserving.
  30. Chris Pratt you little biscuit. That's one tightass leather jacket.
  31. His thank you list was impeccable.
  32. These Rav 4 commercials with James Marsden make me equal parts sad and giddy.
  33. Oh lord They Are (attempting) rapping.
    "You'll always remember where you were when Leo got F***ed by a bear"
  34. I feel like there's little doubt that Straight Outta Compton is gonna win True Story award
  35. Yup. Duh. Deserving though. No doubt.
  36. Oh Seth. But ...
  37. gave us Efron apologizing to Seth's testies sooo...
    And I'm always all in for a shot of Efron's arms 😍
  38. Salt n Pepa!
  39. Deadpool. Wasn't all unicorns and cocaine.
    Thanking his wife Blake "everything I do is to make her laugh, especially the sex" 😂
  40. My uncle Will is getting the generation award!
  41. Lonely Island!! (Their movie looks hilarious, btw)
    This is perfect.
  42. Mind erase!!
    This was basically a tour through my youth and high school years. So good.
  43. Queen La opened for Uncle Will?! Love it.
  44. He was really was ground breaking. That gets forgotten.
  45. I forgot all about Hancock (which was probably for the better) but MAN he has been in a lot of great ones.
  46. Code for the Old Ass Dude Award.
    First record at 17. Damn, son. Dedicated to light and to love. Preach.
  47. Efron. What is that jacket? But...DTeFron 😂
    Also their movie looks balls out hilar.
  48. Rey!
  49. These people waving along, horribly and so distracting.
  50. Steven Amell! Oliver Queen!
  51. Kiss! Not attracted in real life.
  52. Get it.
  53. Suicide Squad. Jared Leto. He's gonna be so good as Joker.
  54. Dude. That looks way more badass than I expected.
  55. Oh hey, forgot they were hosting.
  56. Melissa McCarthy is perfection. Though that montage was like 4 movies including one that doesn't even come out until this summer.
  57. 1st woman to receive the award but not 1st to deserve it. This is actually a beautiful speech. Preach 🙌🏼
  58. Best Fight. Why the mtv movie awards are the real people's awards.
  59. Deadpool yeah! Love that they brought up the stunt coordinator. They are deserving of more recognition for sure.
  60. Unpopular opinion time, I have zero interest in Harry Potter. But I respect everyone who is freaking out right now about this. Y'all gots to be pumped.
  61. Tarzan?
  62. Think they knew Star Wars was gonna win? Light sabers for errbody!!
  63. I love JJ so damn much.
  64. Yeah, that actually would have been mostly fun to attend in real life.