1. The Patriot
    It had been WAAAAAY too long.
  2. Captain America: The First Avenger
    Chris Evans is always glorious but man, it made me miss Agent Carter and lament why it had to get cancelled. She was such a bad-ass character.
  3. American Outlaws
    I am probably the only person who still owns this on DVD. I cussing love it. Gabriel Macht gets to be the hot comic relief (and I've loved him since 2001 so suck it all you who thought you discovered him on Suits). Plus, Scotty Caan, Colin Farrell, James Bond and John Locke as the bad guys. Come on. It's ridiculous and highly entertaining.
  4. National Treasure
    Last one of the day to fall asleep to.
  5. Top Gun
    Taking the highway to the danger zone, y'all (fun fact: I paid money for Danger Zone to be my ringtone on my Nokia in college)
  6. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    One of the strongest and possibly my favorite of the entire marvel universe thus far.
  7. Independence Day
    How I end every 4th of July, with the greatest speech by the greatest movie president until my dream of Tom Hanks as a movie president finally becomes a reality.