(Date I recorded) + whether I've actually watched it ✅ [spoiler alert: my DVR is 96% full]
  1. Celeste and Jesse Forever
    (5/18/15) never seen it ever
  2. Drop Dead Gorgeous
    (5/29/15) one of my favorites but haven't watched the DVRed version yet
  3. Jurassic Park
    (6/5/15) favorites but haven't watched this DVRed (with bonus trivia!) version yet
  4. Surprised By Love
    (6/6/15) hallmark movie and nope not yet
  5. Super 8
    (7/8/15) such a good one but haven't watched it on the DVR yet
  6. Apollo 13
    (7/9/15) classic I love and don't own so DVRed but haven't watched yet
  7. Brown Sugar
    (7/20/15) loooove this one but nope haven't watched it yet
  8. Portrait of Love
    (7/26/15) hallmark movie with Logan Echolls but nope still haven't watched it
  9. What Happens in Vegas
    (9/7/15) ✅ one of my comfort fall asleep to movies
  10. The Great Gatsby
    (9/19/15) me and Leo haven't partied it up yet
  11. Limitless
    (10/9/15) highly enjoyable and DVRed in anticipation of the tv series but didn't watch it yet (but did watch all of the series and it was AMAZING AND MY HEART IS BROKEN THAT IT WAS CANCELLED)
  12. The Lizzie McGuire Movie
    (10/10/15) classic but nope, haven't gone down that nostalgic path yet
  13. Christmas on the Bayou
    (11/29/15) Peyton Sawyer and Chris Keller in a lifetime Christmas movie = everything I could ever want in life, and yet nope, haven't watched it yet.
  14. My Santa
    (11/29/15) Anna from The OC and Jack from Boy Meets World in a Christmas movie but nope, not yet
  15. Angels Sing
    (12/8/15) Connie Britton and Harry Connick Jr hallmark movie promises to be amazing but nope still unwatched
  16. Wish Upon a Christmas
    (12/14/15) Alex Mack in a lifetime Christmas movie is gonna be great but didn't get watched yet
  17. Snow Bride
    (12/17/15) ✅ one of my top cheesy Christmas staples. Have watched multiple times
  18. Just in Time for Christmas
    (12/19/15) ✅ this was actually a really good hallmark movie. Surprisingly really got to me.
  19. Mixed Nuts
    (12/20/15) mainly was just so excited to see it on the guide that I HAD to record it and see if it was as funny as when I was a kid. But still haven't watched it.
  20. A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride
    (12/21/15) nope. Not yet. Maybe I'll have my own Christmas in July movie marathon to clear DVR space...
  21. Holly's Holiday
    (12/24/15) recorded simply because captain awesome from Chuck is in it. Haven't watched yet
  22. The Flight Before Christmas
    (12/24/15) captain awesome and blossom/Amy from Big Bang. Unwatched.
  23. Autumn Dreams
    (1/2/16) hot dude from Something Borrowed in hallmark movie. Unwatched.
  24. Brink!
    (5/29/16) DCOM marathon treasure. Haven't gotten around to it yet.
  25. Motocrossed
    (5/29/16) ✅ my favorite DCOM of all time. Will stay on DVR forever.
  26. Zenon: Girl of 21st Century
    (5/30/16) not yet. But soon.
  27. Adventures in Babysitting
    (6/24/16) 100th DCOM but haven't watched it
  28. Weekend at Bernie's
    (6/28/16) flipped out when I saw it on guide. Haven't watched since I rented it from the video store regularly as a kid. Excited to watch soon.
  29. Lesson: my taste is diverse. I watch most action and comedies right away. I hold off on watching the cheesy romance ones until later, and will I ever get around to it? Maybe but until then it's taking up valuable DVR real estate.
  30. Summer Mission: get rid of most of these.