In the order I saw them in. ⭐️ = favorites ✌️= saw them twice
  1. American Sniper
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    Read the book. Had to see the movie. It definitely does show a side of military life that most don't see. Pretty good.
  2. Selma
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    POWERFUL. And if the Common and John Legend song didn't bring a tear to your eye...are you human?
  3. Kingsman
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    Way better than it had any reason to be. Super entertaining.
  4. The Wedding Ringer
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    Eh. Not great. Maybe a redbox-er. Definitely not worth nighttime theater money.
  5. The DUFF ⭐️
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    I totally loved this one. So much I went to the library and got the book. Loved that too even though it's basically a completely different story.
  6. Cinderella
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    This is so damn delightful. And screw gender equality and roles and all that, if you're a girl, it's IMPOSSIBLE to watch it and not want to wear the beautiful dress and twirl and dance forever. Have courage. Be kind.
  7. Furious 7 ⭐️✌️
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    I have been a sucker for the Furious movies since the original. And Paul Walker's death hit me WAY harder than I ever expected. So, I was a mess at the end but the whole movie was fantastic, in the classic ridiculousness that is the Furious way. Plus, everything is better with a Statham. And the stunts and chase scenes and Dubai. So good.
  8. Avengers: Age of Ultron ⭐️✌
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    Any movie that opens with Captain America yelling "Language!" is an automatic winner in my heart. Great fights. Amazingly good CGI. Hawkeye actually acknowledging his uselessness (and making him even more endearing). It was def long and maybe I'm just a Marvel sucker but I enjoyed it very much.
  9. Pitch Perfect 2
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    Chick power blah blah blah. What made the first one so great was that it was wholly original and unexpected. This tried too hard. Don't get me wrong, definitely had its moments, the Green Bay Packers cameo was amazeballs. But the first is far superior.
  10. Tomorrowland
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    Wholly original. Female lead. Dreams. Hope. Good things. By no means is it perfect but definitely enjoyable and loved the message.
  11. SPY ⭐️
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    I laughed so damn hard in the theater it may have been embarrassing. The world needs more funny Statham. And Melissa McCarthy is a wonder to behold, as per usual. Good times.
  12. Inside Out ✌️
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    First time I watched it was like "eh, not bad." Second time, tears and appreciation. Bing Bong = magic. Bravo again, Pixar.
  13. Black Mass
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    I am not a big Depp fan but the Boston crime movie genre is among my favorites. This one is not great. Felt like a wasted effort from so many good actors.
  14. Jurassic World ⭐️
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    Perfect mix of nostalgia and brand new-ness. Super enjoyable!
  15. Ant-Man
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    Like 40 times better than I thought it was going to be. Maybe I'm a sucker for Paul Rudd (who is fantastic in this) or a sucker for San Francisco movies or just that it was fun and funny but really enjoyed this one.
  16. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation
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    I've seen every M:i movie in theater. I love them unashamedly. Even the 2nd one. Hell, I owned that soundtrack on cd. So, yup, enjoyed this one too. Love that each one seems to be its own thing and each director puts his special touch on it. Love or hate him, Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise and he is at his best (lately) when he is Ethan Hunt. Also, more Simon Pegg all the time.
  17. The Martian ⭐️✌️
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    Most fun and moving and hopeful and great movie. and actually pretty true to the book. A rarity. I've been in love with Matt Damon for a veeeerrrrry long time but I think even if I wasn't this would still be one of my favoritest films of the year. If you haven't read the book yet, do it. If you haven't seen the movie yet, do it. Will restore your hope in humanity and the future.
  18. The Intern
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    Nothing super special but it was pretty enjoyable. And DeNiro has never been more endearing.
  19. Spectre
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    James. Motherloving. Bond. Not the best in the Daniel Craig era (that'd be Skyfall) but not bad. Plus, I LOVE that they aren't afraid of letting him age a bit (except for that whole younger gal thing) and no one wears a suit quite as well as Janes Bond.
  20. Mockingjay: Part 2 ⭐️✌️
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    I LOVE the books and when they announced that they were splitting Mockingjay into 2 films I was like "ugh" until I decided that there was only one place they could split it and I would be satisfied. They ended the first in that place. So I had high hopes for this one. And they delivered. It was as dark as the book, which was brave and appreciated.
  21. Star Wars: The Force Awakens ⭐️✌️
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    I think it's been well established that I enjoyed this one, even with the unrealistic expectations I had for it. Paid homage to the old whilst still bringing a new spin. In love with the new trio of heroes. Bravo, JJ Abrams.
  22. Spotlight ⭐️
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    Such a well done film. Superb acting. Well written. Nicely shot. Invested the whole time.
  23. Sisters ⭐️
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    Tina Fey cussing is my new spirit animal. Laughed so hard on so many levels. Tina and Amy 4eva.