Looking through them and discovered a good portion of them include or were taken by my dear @BrianaMoore which makes total sense. The majority involve the Giants, shockingly (not).
  1. Very first FB profile pic
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    In my hometown restaurant that still looks the same as it did 30 years ago, and yes, president Bush sat there during his 1988 campaign.
  2. When iPhones were still a rarity
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  3. Is he gonna eat himself?
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    In South Dakota. Because of course.
  4. I washed rugs together.
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    And thought FB should see what an idiot I was, apparently
  5. TBT Christmas glory
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    That outfit was made by my mother. I looked fancy AF.
  6. I stole Snow White's apple in Disneyland and someone left me an apple a day on my bed as a joke.
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  7. Because...
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    I still can't even with this one.
  8. Note: SBC Park on the background.
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    One of my first time taking the tour. And had to take a pic of what my future job would be.
  9. All Time Best Roommate Pic
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  10. Yeah, that happened
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    At a Giants game, obviously. Was actually Madison Bumgarner's debut
  11. No Fear Tshirt slogan FTW
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  12. That time I went to the Field of Dreams
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    And played wiffleball because duh.
  13. Chillin' with Jesus
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  14. Yup. Go-to St Paddys Day profile pic
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  15. Nature.
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  16. LOST finale
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  17. Panda!
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  18. Babyniece!
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  19. Back when there was only 1 trophy
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  20. 3rd grade. the most 90s pic ever.
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  21. Got the hat from my granddad, Super Swede himself
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  22. First time on the field at AT&T Park.
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  23. That time we went and found George Lucas' childhood home
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    It was part of an entire tour that I created.
  24. I still miss this sonofabitch even though he broke my heart in a million pieces.
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  25. Damn straight original game boy.
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    Or is this the most 90s pic ever?
  26. Yoda! At lucasfilm in presidio.
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  27. Mudrun.
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  28. That time I was at Matt Cain's perfect game and nearly died of joy.
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  29. Green Monster
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    The last game of the 2010 season when Posey hit the HR to beat the padres and I was listening while at Red Sox/Yankees.
  30. Domey!!
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  31. Back when there were only 2 trophies.
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  32. Back before the implosion.
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  33. 5th grade perfection
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  34. Favorite Pic of all time.
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    2002 postseason. Drove up from college in Southern California. #rallybutts
  35. Will Clark. And my hair looks RED!
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    Two dreams, not really coming true.
  36. Current pic.
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    That's a floating Delorean boat thing.