Looking through them and discovered a good portion of them include or were taken by my dear @BrianaMoore which makes total sense. The majority involve the Giants, shockingly (not).
  1. Very first FB profile pic
    In my hometown restaurant that still looks the same as it did 30 years ago, and yes, president Bush sat there during his 1988 campaign.
  2. When iPhones were still a rarity
  3. Is he gonna eat himself?
    In South Dakota. Because of course.
  4. I washed rugs together.
    And thought FB should see what an idiot I was, apparently
  5. TBT Christmas glory
    That outfit was made by my mother. I looked fancy AF.
  6. I stole Snow White's apple in Disneyland and someone left me an apple a day on my bed as a joke.
  7. Because...
    I still can't even with this one.
  8. Note: SBC Park on the background.
    One of my first time taking the tour. And had to take a pic of what my future job would be.
  9. All Time Best Roommate Pic
  10. Yeah, that happened
    At a Giants game, obviously. Was actually Madison Bumgarner's debut
  11. No Fear Tshirt slogan FTW
  12. That time I went to the Field of Dreams
    And played wiffleball because duh.
  13. Chillin' with Jesus
  14. Yup. Go-to St Paddys Day profile pic
  15. Nature.
  16. LOST finale
  17. Panda!
  18. Babyniece!
  19. Back when there was only 1 trophy
  20. 3rd grade. the most 90s pic ever.
  21. Got the hat from my granddad, Super Swede himself
  22. First time on the field at AT&T Park.
  23. That time we went and found George Lucas' childhood home
    It was part of an entire tour that I created.
  24. I still miss this sonofabitch even though he broke my heart in a million pieces.
  25. Damn straight original game boy.
    Or is this the most 90s pic ever?
  26. Yoda! At lucasfilm in presidio.
  27. Mudrun.
  28. That time I was at Matt Cain's perfect game and nearly died of joy.
  29. Green Monster
    The last game of the 2010 season when Posey hit the HR to beat the padres and I was listening while at Red Sox/Yankees.
  30. Domey!!
  31. Back when there were only 2 trophies.
  32. Back before the implosion.
  33. 5th grade perfection
  34. Favorite Pic of all time.
    2002 postseason. Drove up from college in Southern California. #rallybutts
  35. Will Clark. And my hair looks RED!
    Two dreams, not really coming true.
  36. Current pic.
    That's a floating Delorean boat thing.