I'm in Stockton.
  1. A lady was running around convinced that someone stole her purse.
  2. She came to our bus to wanting to inspect.
  3. He humored her.
  4. She was looking for a black woman.
    Our driver is a black man.
  5. He asked us if any of us were black besides the one lady overloaded with a baby who was black. She laughed. We all laughed.
  6. He kept asking. He asked if anyone wanted to switch races.
  7. "When you go black, you can't go back"
    With a mischievous twinkle in his eye.
  8. And then she left. He did a comedy routine as part of his safety speech. We are now on our way to Sac.
  9. Huzzah for Garry the bus driver!