1. Saw this on IG
    Since I'm spoiled and live within driving distance, I decided I'm gonna Treat Yo Self and go do this.
  2. Glacier Point is my happy place within my happy place of Yosemite.
    Photo cred: me! The enormity of the Yosemite Valley never ceases to amaze me.
  3. Sunsets and stars are amongst my favorite things in this world.
    The dude running the meet up is my most favoritest photographer I've discovered through IG. His work is incredible.
  4. Work is OVER! I'm heading home, grabbing my bag, getting gas then heading out!
    71 miles from my house as the crow flies. But 100% worth the drive. My soul has been craving some Yosemite time and this is just perfect timing. Fear not, lists will happen because everyone needs to enjoy some Yosemite beauty.