Every year it's a goal. The closest I've gotten is 80% (I've gotten 4/5 and 8/10)
  1. When the list of nominees finally came out on January 24th, I had already seen four.
  2. Hell or High Water I had seen last year. I drove to the Bay Area to watch it. It was my man Chris Pine and also my guy Ben Foster (Flash Forward 4ever) playing brothers in a modern day western. You KNOW I had to see that.
  3. I went up to Modesto to our independent theater to watch Manchester before 2016 ended. I didn't really know much walking in. But man, I was gutted when it ended. Just kinda numb. But great acting. I especially loved the nephew.
  4. I had seen La La Land twice at this point. I had been waiting and waiting for it to come to my area. I was about to comment on my friend's Facebook post about it airing my grievances that it would never come to where I lived when I checked fandango to make sure I was accurate (because #factchecking) when I discovered it was not only...
    ...was it in my area but it was in my actual town!! I went that night. And it hit me in such a powerful way. I've been in a struggle of wanting to tap my creative side unlike ever before. And while I was in the theater I got a text from my cousin that my granddad was in the hospital. My 17 instrument playing entertainer of a granddad. So it just overwhelmed me so much. The audition song became my life.
  5. Went by myself to watch it again to confirm that I did love it and hasn't overhyping it. I definitely could see why people would think it's overrated. But as a movie loving-LA appreciating-jazz music enjoyer-lover of Gosling since MMC-dreamer of dreams, I am beyond the target audience.
  6. I had a #treatyoself afternoon after school one day to use my birthday movie gift cards to watch Hidden Figures. It was so great. A story that definitely needed to be told and they cast it perfectly.
    They had told a bit of the story on the show Timeless. And I had just watched Apollo 13. So I extra appreciated it. Let's all go to Space!
  7. And then, the announcement happened and I had to form a movie watching plan. Which is increasingly difficult since not all the movies make it here.
  8. But then! Regal announced that they'd finally be doing something with all the best pictures. AMC has been doing marathons for a couple years but the closest was in San Francisco and it was always scheduled when I already had plans so it's never happened. But the Regal one was a "festival" with showings over 2 weeks.
  9. So I went online to buy the pass (only $35!). But it didn't work. My roomie decided to go with me so she was trying too. Fandango failed. So the next day I got on Google to get the box office phone number. And then that guy didn't know what I was talking about and had to get a manager.
    Then he told me that the fandango system hadn't been working for these but they were halfway sold out and I could buy it at the box office. Which is over an hour away. Luckily, I had already planned to head that direction to visit friends so it was actually do-able. So, I bought them and they were beautiful.
  10. We checked out the schedule and found two days with a favorable showing of movies (and no Manchester so we wouldn't sit through it again!)
  11. And then it was time! Drove over and had the kid at the ticket window tell us we could only use it for one movie. I told him he was wrong and needed to get me a manager. I'm normally not one of those people but yeah...that was not the purpose of spending $35 on a pass.
  12. I was proven correct. And the kid printed out my tickets, but didn't scan my rewards card (which will come into play later)
    Also, some genius Girl Scouts were out in front of the theater. I took full advantage of the fact that this theater doesn't seem to give a damn if you bring in food.
  13. First up: Lion
    Damn. I LOVED it. The kid was heartbreakingly perfect. My Dev Patel crush grew immensely. The ending is up there with Shawshank for me, which is the highest of praise. It was a great way to start my marathon and it's a fantastic movie. Go see it if you haven't already.
  14. There was about a 40 min break before the next movie so I went to pee and then go take advantage of the $5 deal that was included with my festival pass. $5 for a med popcorn and med drink. A GREAT deal.
    Except I got to the counter to order and the girl tried to tell me it didn't work. I, again, asked for a manager. And he found a way around the system while yelling that "They need to go link it!" Among other things. Which I did not appreciate because it said nowhere that that was something we had to do. So I made it back before the next one started but just barely and full of frustration.
  15. P.S. Saw this and FREAKED THE F OUT
  16. Luckily, the next movie was La La Land. And it is just one of those that brings sunshine in my life.
    And since it was my 3rd viewing, I went back to my film major roots and started analyzing the colors. Red lighting used for Mia's dreams, Blue lighting for Seb's, and green for...well...for conflict, I think.
  17. In between movies, my roomie and I went out to link our passes to get the $5 deal and see if we could get our tickets for tomorrow so it wouldn't be such a headache.
    After we eventually got to the front, and we're getting it all figured out (they said we could only do 4 movies at a time and thus had to wait until tomorrow) I mentioned that I came over because the guy had yelled at me for not linking the pass. And he profusely apologized and offered me anything from the concessions to make up for it. So I got free nachos!
  18. Next up was Moonlight
    I expected Mahershala Ali to be in way more of the movie. Honestly, I knew nothing about the movie going in. It is one that sticks with you. I'm still processing it a bit. It was unique and yet relatable to many. Again, a story that hasn't been told on the big screen and great for it to get so much exposure. Powerful acting.
  19. And then it ended and there was an hour and twenty minutes before Arrival started. And we had an hour and twenty minute drive home. And Arrival was available at redbox. So we drove home.
  20. Day 2!
    Got the same kid at the ticket window and he still didn't know what he was doing. This time telling us that it wouldn't work on Fences. I again asked for a manager. And then went inside to wait. A couple in front of us was doing the same thing. And we swapped war stories about ways the pass didn't work yesterday. The manager said it was something different everyday but they were learning. He got us scanned, printed, and linked with no problems.
  21. I started the day with Cinnabon gooey bites and a free drink.
    Highly recommend the regal rewards program. Also, highly recommend the Cinnabon. Delicious.
  22. First up: Fences
    For some reason I thought this would have more to do with baseball. Denzel was a force. Viola should be in the best actress category. She was not supporting in any way but she shall win that category. She was AMAZING. It was good, but it definitely felt like watching a play. Which makes sense, but would have liked more out of it.
  23. We had gotten there early enough to secure the seats with the bars in front to put our feet on. And thus we took turns between movies to save our seats.
    I was SO HAPPY to see every showing filled both days. There were quite a few like us who stayed all day (including an adorable group of older friends that I snuck a picture of and sent to my best friend saying it was us in the future. She confirmed)
  24. Next up was Hidden Figures
    Which was just as great the second time around. My friend hadn't seen it yet and also just super loved it.
  25. Next up was Hacksaw Ridge
    Someday I'll list about my complicated love for Mel Gibson. I can't count how many times I watched The Patriot and Braveheart with my friends. And the man knows how to capture the brutality of war. But it was also great to see this true story of a guy who saved 75 lives despite not carrying a gun to war. Lots of reviews say it feels like 2 separate movies, & I agree. But it was good and I loved the interviews with the real people at the end. Plus, hot military dudes.
  26. Hell or High Water was the final showing. But I'd already seen it. It was at redbox. And I had my friends' Seinfeld themed dirty thirty party to go to. So, we went home!
  27. Redboxed Arrival on Tuesday night. And, MAN, I just couldn't get into it. It didn't engage me at all.
    Not sure if it was because I knew the twist after a discussion with @Sammyjbv and @k8mcgarry or just fatigue from watching so many movies or just because it was so damn slow. But I did not care for it and I really wanted to. So I'll probably try it again someday.
  28. And with that I FINALLY achieved a life goal of watching them all! And with time to spare!!
    Redboxed Hell or High Water on Friday since my roomie hadn't seen it and needed to to reach her goal. I still really enjoyed it. It definitely won't win best picture but it is good.
  29. It was fantastic.
  30. But I feel like it's actually going to hurt my decision making when it comes to picking winners in my Oscar pool. Imma be overthinking it for sure.