It's been a good time
  1. On Sunday, I drove to Santa Cruz to meet my college roommate
  2. We drove to Mountain View to go to a show.
    Thanks groupon.
  3. Passed Google on the way in and enjoyed all the pokestops while we sat in traffic trying to get into Shoreline.
  4. Parked and discovered that the giant line we saw was in fact the line to get in (and we were early, like advised on the website)
  5. This thing was ridiculous. Like, it looped around the entire parking area. Took forever.
  6. Got in and managed to find a spot on the lawn
  7. Missed the opening act but I think I was the only person who had actually heard his album and was bummed to miss it
  8. But Panic at the disco started their set about 5 minutes after we sat down.
  9. Confession: I thought it was Fall Out Boy that was opening for weezer. Apparently the 2 are interchangeable to me (shruggie emoji)
    But seriously, they kinda are.
  10. I was surprised to like Panic more than I thought I would. And more surprisingly what won me over was the ska elements! When they busted out that horns I was like "ok, I'm in"
    What does that say about me?
  11. And as I was thinking they had a Queen vibe to them, they started playing bohemian rhapsody.
    And it was fun.
  12. But serious question if there are any panic at the disco fans out there (and I'm guessing there are because there were TONS of people who were freaking out and WAY into them)
    What musical genre would you classify them in? We came up with post-Emo punk-pop with hints of ska and stadium rock. Accurate?
  13. And then....
    (Guys, people left between sets. That means people came only for panic at the disco. That blows my mind. How/why would you leave before weezer played?!)
  14. They played everything you wanted them too. And the 2 new songs were great too (and I'd actually heard them before)
  15. They were awesome. The venue was great. The set wasn't long enough. But it was still so good. Wish I could share videos on this.
  16. We hung out and charges our phones and played Pokemon while we waited for the parking lot to kinda clear.
  17. Found this on the walk back. My team USA Olympic loving heart had to take a pic with it
    (2 days to go!!)
  18. Used my Taco Bell app and found the closest one that would still be open. Made it with 10 minutes to spare.
  19. Drove back. Slept for a few hours...
    To be continued