1. Could host SNL
    I've spent some time debating whether or not I would be one of those who would make it musical
  2. Could be on the Late Late Show
    This dream started with Craig Ferguson but I'd be okay with James Corden
  3. Would never have to do my own hair or makeup again
    I rarely wear makeup and my fanciest hair skillz is braided pigtails. I need help.
  4. Could maybe finally get to go to a Warriors game
    I can't afford it but if I was a celebrity I could probably afford it.
  5. Potential for traveling to cool places
    So I would probably have to do press, whatevs, I love traveling and don't get to do it as much as I would like.
  6. If I talked about my Taco Bell addiction enough, they'd hook me up
    Like Mindy Kaling and her McDonalds hookup. It's my double decker supreme dream.
  7. Skip the line at Disneyland
    And would also probably be able to afford to go.