Thanks for the request @BWN_7 🤘🏼
  1. I went to a small Christian college in Southern California.
  2. We did a lot of fundraising by going to tv tapings in LA
  3. My freshman year we had a Friday where we went to 3 different shows.
  4. The last show was the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.
  5. We weren't sure who the guests were going to be
  6. Then found out it would be Jamie Bergmann and Dave Grohl.
  7. Musically sheltered me (thanks mom) hadn't heard of him.
  8. That quickly changed.
  9. We had a pretty good group driving up to LA. It was 2001 so we had walkie talkies between our cars and had a ton of fun. In my car I had my best friends from my floor and my friend Ryan who I had a low key super crush on.
    Though it was 2001, I had no clue a term like low key would exist or that I would ever say it (thanks list app)
  10. Ryan and my friend Becca began educating me on the wonder that is Dave Grohl.
  11. We went to the first taping. We went to the next taping.
    Couldn't tell you what they were. Maybe Street Smarts?
  12. We went to lunch at Johnny Rocket's on Melrose. We saw Montell Williams.
    Which was huge to 19 year old me, fresh in that So Cal life.
  13. We went to CBS television city to wait in line for the Late Late Show.
  14. We got pumped. Anticipation built.
  15. We got inside.
  16. It is a TINY studio. Intimate.
  17. The hype man (warm up comedian) starts his deal. Discovers our group. We are enthusiastic, to say the least.
    If you should know anything about me, it's that I am a Super Fan. I am a human megaphone. I ooze enthusiasm. But not in a SUPER annoying way. Maybe only mildly annoying, to some :)
  18. We got the crowd pumped. So much so that when Kilborn came out to talk to us before it started he acknowledged just how unique our crowd was. He and Dave had been backstage talking about how loud we were.
  19. We thought it was just the usual talk.
  20. But then.
  21. After the monologue.
  22. When Dave Grohl got introduced.
  23. He came running and did a lap through the audience!
  24. And we were in the middle, back row, at the end of the aisle.
  25. AND HE HIGH FIVED US! TWICE. once up the aisle and when he went along the back. Twice! My hand has high fived Dave Grohl.
  26. That would have been enough.
  27. They did the interview.
  28. They did 5 questions, a Kilborn specialty.
  29. The chick then came on and interviewed. We don't care.
  30. AND THEN.
  31. Dave comes back out to perform. No one knows what's about to happen.
  32. But one of the greatest things I've witnessed and been a part of happens.
  33. He sings Tiny Dancer.
  34. And remember it's February 2001 and Almost Famous was FRESH in our minds. And IT. IS. GLORIOUS.
  35. He tells us about his dream of bringing out a kiddie pool to recreate the Golden God scene.
  36. He starts. We all sit in wonder. And sing along.
  37. The crowd gets featured A LOT. The fools who start the crowd arm swaying at about 3:45, us.
  38. And then, because we are awesome and Those People, at 5:22 in the video we yell out "We Love You Dave!"
    And this was huge because it not only made tv, the audio ended up on Napster. And so we downloaded it (well, Becca did, I used hers because I was paranoid about Napster) and told everyone we could that WE were on Napster singing with Dave Grohl and yelling that we loved him.
  39. And that is how I got to know and appreciate who Dave Grohl is. After, I got on Becca's Napster and downloaded all the music and became a full fledged Grohl fan. He is without a doubt the greatest musician of our generation.
  40. The whole thing is on that VHS tape (including him running through the crowd and high fiving us!) but I don't have a functioning VCR at the moment.
  41. It was one of the best days of my life and probably why I prefer an intimate venue when I see a show. I was spoiled. And it was good.
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