Getting paid to watch The Lion King today and it is TOTALLY taking me back to how obsessed I was with this movie.
  1. Had a watch with Timon and Pumbaa. It had grubs on the band and said slimy yet satisfying on the face.
    Just tried to find a pic of it on google to no avail.
  2. The Legend of Scar's Scar: the sequel I dreamed up
    And would tell anyone who would listen that it was a genius idea.
  3. Reading everything I could find about it
    Which in the pre internet days was basically just reading this Disney Adventures over and over again
  4. Stuffed Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon. Tracked down at the Disney Store. Wish I still had them.
  5. Watching the Singalong Songs VHS over and over
    Seriously look at the songs on that one. How could you not watch it over and over again?!
  6. Posters from the flea market and the fair on my wall.
  7. Lion king calendar also on my wall.
  8. Set of Lion King markers and stickers and stationary that I used to send notes to all my pen pals.
  9. Quoted it so much that multiple people acknowledged it when they signed my Jr high yearbook.
  10. I remember exactly where I was in the movie theater the first time I saw it. It was the first time I cried in the theater and that moment still gets me every single time.
  11. Being obsessed with the cast (obviously, JTT 😍) and learning everything u could about them and the movie itself
    I was Very proud that I knew it was the first movie to really utilize the computer to help with the animation (wildebeest stampede scene) and how the animators went and studied real lions. I thought it was a Movie Surfers Disney Channel special that gave me this knowledge but apparently those didn't start until 1997. But somehow I watched and learned.
  12. And obviously still having the entire thing menorized 22 years later.
  13. And as a grownup being SOOOOO excited to share it with my niece. And this happened: SHOWED MY 4 YEAR OLD NIECE THE LION KING FOR THE FIRST TIME...
  14. Hakuna Matata 4EVER.