I DESERVED a getaway after a month solid of teaching and a week solid of grading horrific 8th grade papers and parent teacher conferences.
  1. Thursday night after conferences:
  2. drove down to Bakersfield to my college roommate's house. Got a good mini visit before I crashed on her couch for the night.
  3. Friday:
  4. Slept in. Ate lucky charms. Took my time getting ready.
  5. Stopped by target. Went to the mall because I failed to bring black shoes despite packing concert-going clothes featuring black.
  6. Filled the gas tank up. Put the new Jimmy Eat World album on repeat. Hit the road with open windows.
  7. Blissfully drove through the high desert and mountains. Stopping whenever a pretty view beckoned.
  8. Got to Vegas. Found a parking spot close to the escalator. Met up with my best friend. Went to the hotel room. Got ready. Went to dinner.
  9. At dinner bestie gets a text from her sister (who is obvi basically my lil sister) saying that the person she hit up for tickets earlier in the week just texted her saying she had 2 tickets!
    Note: this is 2 hours before the show starts. We had already bought our tickets.
  10. I tell her to tell her sis to use the tickets and come hang out with us. She does! And brings her childhood bestie that we used to babysit.
  11. But before they get there, we walk from dinner down to Planet Hollywood and I am reminded that I HATE the strip. It makes me so sad.
  12. But then...we get to Britney with 20 minutes before show time. We walk down to our seats and they are awesome. Worth every penny.
  13. I go to get us drinks and obviously have to get them in the souvenir Britney cups
    Note: I've now got a collection. 2 makes a collection, right? Because I've got the Britney cup and my Celine Dion mini wine glass. Who will be next?!
  14. I bring the $24 triple Frozen margs down to our seats and we marvel at the fact that this is real life and actually happening. We think we see our sis and friend down in the GA pit by the stage where their tickets were supposed to be.
  15. Then all of a sudden they are directly in front of us. Just saying hi. Until they look at their tickets and THEY ARE SITTING IN THE SEATS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF US.
  16. UNREAL. we can't believe it. And then...
  18. And it was everything we had hoped and dreamed and imagined it would be and more. Like, we LOVE BritBrit. We regularly talk about how happy we are that she's in such a good place now, after 2007. And we mean it.
  19. And she puts on a damn fine show. And y'all can hate on the fact that she lip syncs, whatever, but the bitch dances her ass off for a solid 90 minutes. Every time she does switch on her microphone she's out of breath. As she should be. I'm nearly out of breath just dancing along in the audience.
  20. It was fantastic. She sang all the favorites...but some of them rearranged and reimagined and it was beautiful. The production value was insanely good. Her dancers were phenomenal.
  21. We would be singing along at the top of our lungs and just look at each other like "are we really here?! She's literally in front of us"
  22. And then it was over. And the smiles didn't leave our faces. It was wonderful and the entire trip would have been worth it, just for those 90 minutes. But it was even better to get to experience it with the only other person who unabashedly loves and appreciates Britney as much as I do and have since MMC.
  23. So, we said goodbye and then began our walk back. I requested to watch the bellagio fountain show. I've technically been to Vegas 3 times but once I never made it to the strip and the other time we went and we waited and it didn't happen and I went and asked an employee who informed me it was the first time it wasn't working. That is my luck.
  24. But not this night! This night it happened, because of course it did. It was Elvis' Viva Las Vegas and it was fun and magical and I LOVED it. It was like fireworks but with water. And fireworks are one of my most favoritest things in the world that make me super giddy (tied with thunder and lightning)
  25. And then we made it back to the hotel. Got ready for bed. She packed because her flight was at 8am. And then managed to sleep despite our still hyper giddiness about seeing the experience of the night.
  26. Saturday:
  27. I slept in a bit after she left for the airport. And then met her brother and sister (who again are basically my bro and sis) for brunch. Caught up. Met my newest faux niece. Enjoyed the buffet. All good things. I debated doing the drive home.
  28. I instead went to Hoover Dam. Because I could. I haven't gotten or really even been able to be this spontaneous in what felt like soooooooooo long. My gypsy spirit has been suffocating.
  29. I took the dam tour. Cracked the dam jokes. Went at my own pace. Took great pics (which deserve and shall receive their own list). Just sat back and admired the beauty and also marveled at the feat of engineering. It's really kind of unbelievable.
  30. Also, I lamented that I didn't have a grays papaya to eat and was highly disappointed to discover that Nevada Arizona are not painted on the road when you drive across it. Fools Rush In LIED.
  31. Then I drove up the road a bit to walk across the bridge and get another look at the whole dam. It was amazing. It was gorgeous. It was windy.
  32. I messaged friends in Anaheim to see if I could crash on their couch and got a yes. So I began the drive to so cal. But first i stopped at the 7 magic mountains art installation. And that was so cool. Sneak peek of pics because it was too cool.
  33. Then continued on. And then chased the sunset. It was one of those that pics do not do justice and it just kept getting more and more beautiful. And my heart was so full and so happy.
  34. Got to my friends and just sat on the couch and watched the Christopher Guest Mascots on Netflix and then laughed our asses off at Tom Hanks on SNL. His opening monologue was so good but DAMMIT the Black Jeopardy sketch was by far the best thing SNL has done in YEARS.
  35. Sunday:
  36. Got to enjoy sleep. And their kid slept in a bit so we all got extra sleep. Had breakfast burritos and watched Madeline and Doug, because my friends only show their kid non annoying cartoons.
  37. And then I said goodbye and headed to LA to meet @k8mcgarry and @Sammyjbv and had a wonderful time. Filled with laughter and near tears and tales of teen crush dreams coming true (or getting crushed). And also, good food and drinks. They also got to go down memory lane with my non updated list app. Good times all around. I'm a big fan of them both!
  38. Then I started my drive home. And, weirdly, I love when there's just a little bit of traffic. Not enough for me to get angry (though I HATE THE 5 with a passion) but enough for my driving instincts to kick in and me to have a little fun. It makes me happy that those instincts are still intact even though I haven't lived there for so long.
  39. Witnessed another beautiful sunset in action. Enjoyed a phone call with my other bestie. Listened to a couple @nerdist podcasts (Brian Regan and Norm McDonald I laughed SO DAMN HARD)
  40. And then, the dark night was broken up by an extraordinary lightning storm. Which, if you recall, is one of my favoritest things in the world and brings me a giddy joy. And then I got to drive in the rain (which I also love), enjoy lightning, whilst laughing at my favorite comedians. It was magnificent.
  41. And then I drove through Taco Bell on the way home. Got home and went to bed to be well rested for going back to teach for another couple weeks.
  42. It was magical and it was good. I can't wait to getaway again. It is so good for my soul. Anyone know how I can get paid to take road trips?