1. George Lucas is my hometown hero
    I'm from Stanislaus County, CA. We are small and in the middle of California and nothing exciting ever happens there. But George was from Modesto which is basically where we went to do anything because Turlock had zero to do at that point. And if the creator of Star Wars could start out where I did then anything was possible.
  2. In college I wrote a 41 page paper on him and American Graffiti
    It used the Narrative Paradigm to look at why a movie about some teenagers one night in Modesto resonated with such a large audience. It was # 77 on the AFI 100 Years 100 Movies List.
  3. In my research I found the address to his childhood home
  4. So one trip home my friend and I decided to go find it.
    We are huge Lucas fans. We both love Star Wars and she is also a diehard Indy fan.
  5. 530 Ramona Ave Modesto, CA
  6. Nerds
  7. Then we went down the road to George Lucas Plaza. A small tribute at 5 Points, near where he (and I) cruised as a teen.
    George has snubbed his hometown on numerous occasions. He didn't even show up when this was put up. In the last couple years (after he sold lucasfilm) he has warmed up a bit. He was the grand marshal for the Graffiti Parade a couple years ago. (Every June Modesto is all things Graffiti)
  8. And that was the whole tour for awhile. We would pay homage whenever we passed through town.
  9. But for my birthday one year, we decided to go all out full nerd (but not stalker....riiiiight?😶)
  10. And did even more research to do a full Unofficial George Lucas Hometown Tour
    And our friend came up from Bakersfield to join in the fun.
  11. We strapped Yoda in to join us on the tour
  12. 1st Stop: childhood home!
  13. Street view
  14. 530 Ramona Ave
  15. Film camera selfie before selfies were a thing
  16. The house next door was for sale and we daydreamed that we could go in together and buy it
    It would have been so awesome.
  17. Next stop: elementary school!
  18. Yoda at school
  19. Next stop: high school!
  20. Auditorium at Downey
  21. Nerding out.
  22. Next stop: George Lucas Plaza!
  23. Actual statue at the Plaza
  24. Love and admiration
  25. Next stop: teenage home!
    This one is the unofficial-ist one on the tour. In my research I just found that in his teen years the family moved to a Walnut ranch on Sylvan. But after driving up and down Sylvan, no walnut ranch. But I did find a field with a walnut tree and so we pretended that it was where the ranch had been located a few decades ago.
  26. Walnuts on the ground was our "proof" that we were in the right place.
  27. End of the tour!
  28. Well, we did go cruise McHenry and grab lunch. Cruising McHenry should absolutely be part of your tour if you ever decide to take the tour.
    And if you do, lemme know, I'd be happy to be your tour guide!!