1. I spent 2 straight hours voting to help make this happen
  2. I downloaded this
  3. Went to a wedding
  4. Drove by a big fire
  5. Had this happen
  6. Hollywood cemetery
  7. This is a pokestop
  8. Hattie from gone with the wind
  9. Johnny Ramone. Statue. Quote from Eddie Vedder on the side
    Also a pokestop
  10. Pretty
  11. Pyramid grave
  12. Crowd for the movie
  13. Photo booth. Way too long of a line.
  14. Picnic!
    Including fried chicken, wine, bottle of cider, peanut butter Oreos, heirloom tomatoes and pluots
  15. Sidenote: this cheese and club crackers combo is my new obsession. Spicy pepper jack. Obsessed.
  16. This couple was dressed as Wendy and Squints! So good!
  17. This is amongst my favorite pictures I've ever taken now. Will go on the wall soon.
  18. Ham!
  19. I was a hipster for the weekend
  20. My friends were pokemoning at breakfast and then one appeared between them!
  21. Walked across the street to the Ducks training facility.
  22. 😂
  23. There's still a part of me that is that 9 year old who wanted to be Nancy Kerrigan.
  24. Summer hockey camp was happening. Love the team names.
  25. Visited another friend in Huntington Beach and checked out the new Pacific City
  26. Pacific City has a killer view
  27. There was a safety cone warning of a jumble of lights. I thought it was hilarious.
  28. This sign was a lie. It should say "quite possibly the MOM-est store ever"
  29. Lunch at place called Lemonade. Like a fancy cafeteria. Tasty. And I had the most delicious blood orange lemonade.
  30. Ice cream while enjoying the sunshine and view
    Chocolate chip orange. Banana with Nutella stripes. Should have gone for just the chocolate orange one.
  31. Working on my tan.
  32. DTLA just continues to grow a special place in my heart.
  33. Came back by to drive by the paramount studios that I stumbled on when we were at the Hollywood forever cemetery
  34. In my mind, I was picturing JJ Abrams office somewhere in that building
  35. The gates. New life goal. To come back and take a tour. Researched and there's an after hours tour too. Need to go!
    It's got to be way better than the universal studios tour. My movie nerd soul was freaking out just driving by. I never wanna lose that joy.
  36. Homeward bound.