Y'all were so helpful for my Seattle trip so let's see what ya got for NYC. Going there tomorrow and flying out of Laguardia on Wednesday (start your prayers now that my travel luck will reverse). What do I HAVE to do? Been before but I'm always down for suggestions. Staying in Brooklyn.
  1. Currently only set plans are seeing Rogue One Monday night at Alamo Drafthouse, entering Ham4Ham lotto on Tuesday (when we don't win, trying to get cheap Tix to another show. Been to NYC multiple times and have managed to never see a show on Broadway and that is just wrong), and trying to meet up with a friend from high school who lives on UWS
  2. And because I am a stupid tourist I will of course be going to see the tree at 30 Rock and getting a Grays Papaya
    I do this every time I'm there at Christmas time. Tradition!!
  3. PS @kaitlynvella you're in NYC, yes? What other li.sters do I know there?!
  4. If you find yourself in the financial district, I love Adrienne's Pizzabar.
    Every friend I've recommended it to has loved it too! It gets pretty crazy busy weekdays at lunchtime though.
    Suggested by @MissJess