U-S-A 🇺🇞U-S-A [but it's not just about us. I love it all!!!!🙌🏌]
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    Synchronized Diving
    This is my all-time favorite Olympic activity. IT IS AMAZING. how do they do it?!?!!!
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    Duh. Have you seen this list? ATHLETIC BODIES I ADMIRE THE MOST. RANKED
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    I am (not so secretly) that little kid who thinks she can do all those flips and wants to be a gymnast when I grow up. Spoiler alert: never gonna happen. Spoiler alert: still pretending it could.
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    I still pretend I can do this too.
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    Water Polo
    Again, duh. It's one that is better in person but still so good.
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    Beach volleyball
    They are incredible.
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    I think this is gonna be the Dream Team for this generation. Lots of fun.
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    Badminton/Table Tennis
    They're just damn entertaining.
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    Love it. But thanks to the World Cup, I get my fix in between the Olympics.
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    All the rest. I'll watch whatever is on at any given time. I love the Olympics so much. I love learning the stories of the athletes. I love the pride of country. I love watching people compete at the top of their game. I love pretending to know anything and be an expert in something that I had no idea existed, but then actually learning about it.