It's the end of an era. I've watched her almost every Thursday for over 5 years. A previous glimpse: TAKING OVER THE WORLD: A GLIMPSE INTO MY THURSDAYS WITH MY BABYNIECE
  1. Babyniece is starting kindergarten next week. We anticipated the end together and wanted to make our last Violet/Jenny Day one to remember.
  2. So I made a list.
    "What are those squares for?" "So we can check off things as we do them" 😊 babyniece was into it! Starting her early on that List life!
  3. ✅ breakfast picnic
  4. ✅ nap party
    Lasted like 5 seconds. Because there was too much to do! But we did lie in bed and go through pics on my phone. I had gone thru my IG the night before and screen shotted pics of her/us since I had started watching her at a few months old. We watched her grow. I managed not to cry. She loved it.
  5. The view from inside our quick fort on her bed.
  6. We made another fort on the couch. Not our best.
  7. We went outside and played some baseball
  8. And rode her scooter
  9. And then I washed all the spiderwebs off her bike and she rode that too
  10. All the above = ✅ play!
  11. ✅ up front
    My grandfolks live in the house in front of my brother. We always go "up front" and visit. This picture is a receation of...
  12. ...this picture from about 3 years ago (that we had looked at during our nap party time!) she's the cutest
  13. My granddad intrigued by the purple giraffe.
    "Well now, how did they go about making this?" He's turning 95 on Sept 1st.
  14. ✅ library
    Just quickly dropped off our books. We had more things to do!
  15. ✅ we stopped by Mommy's work to say hi and get hugs
  16. ✅ lunch wherever our tummies tell us
    We had a bit of a lunch routine. It began with Taco Bell Tummies. Figured we needed to go to the "Fancy Taco Bell" for our last Thursday. And it was good.
  17. ✅ Shiloh
    Last week I was housesitting and we had to run over there to turn off the water I accidentally left on overnight. She was ok because they had a dog. But then she was sad because she thought she'd never see the dog again. But then they came home a day later so we got to go hang out w/ Shiloh again. And she was overjoyed and didn't want to say goodbye.
  18. ✅ Aslan's house to swim <best Aslan ever>
    This is my friend's house that I Housesit pretty often. They have this dog Aslan who is the greatest. Babyniece likes to come spend the night with me there. So for our last Thursday I got permission to go over and swim. This is her FINALLY jumping off the diving board...
  19. ...and Aslan approving.
  20. Babyniece DID NOT want to leave.
  21. But we were barely going to beat her dad home (because we had been hanging out since 7:15am and it was already after 3pm)
  22. So for ✅ dessert we drove through and got frozen yogurt to take home
  23. Looked back on my way home and she's writing. Thought she was just checking off the boxes on our list.
  24. She was copying our list. She's clearly ready for kindergarten.