1. I posted this
    Because it is not okay.
  2. He commented this. And my friend responded thusly.
  3. He, classily, responded with this.
  4. And my friend handled it like this.
  5. But just now added this
  6. But now this
  7. Help me research and lay down FACTS I'm at work and can't at the moment.
  8. Please and thank you.
  9. Here are two good articles with research links. One is from Forbes on the economic factors of the Keystone pipeline and why it is a boon for Canada essentially at America's expense. It also addresses shoddy cost cutting.
    The second article might not be very convincing if he doesn't believe in the science of climate change, but has serious concerns about the type of oil carried and the economic impact of our continued overconsumption of oil, especially the black tar sand oil keystone is carrying. There are also labor statistics showing oil isn't necessarily creating "good" jobs.
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  10. The first two link were from the beginning of keystone XL. This is from last year discussing spillage, contamination, lack of tax revenue for impacted states, poor deals for communities through 2016. No indication Dakota pipeline would be any different.
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  13. Block your Uncle from posting on your feed and from your life? You're not going to reason with him and social media arguments are not worth your energy!
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  14. How does one build a successful businessman?
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  15. ***UPDATE***
  16. My first response
  17. .
  18. My other response
  19. Apparently his go-to response
  20. Still trying to be fair
  21. "Left wing facts"
  22. I'm out. 🙄✌🏼️
  23. Sorry but I have to agree that you shouldn't engage. You said your piece, he said his, there is no common ground.
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