Damn you, 2016. Step off. You've done enough.
  1. John Williams
    Last year when James Horner passed, it got me but more so it made me realize that I will be devastated the day that John Williams dies. Original inspiration for the this list. His music is the soundtrack to my life, and probably most of yours too. I'm not ready.
  2. Willie Mays
    As a diehard Giants fan, a world without Willie doesn't seem possible. The mourning will be intense. Not ready.
  3. Julie Andrews
    She is still my goal for who I wish I was. She probably always will be. She's magnificent. She's talented. She's saucy and sassy (seriously, YouTube her appearances on Craig Ferguson. She's NOT Maria and it makes her even more endearing) She needs to live forever.
  4. Dick Van Dyke
    This guy. He's the whole package. And he's 90 and did a little dance number on the Disneyland 60th special. He's the best. Also needs to live forever, please.
  5. Regis
    From the age of 5 I knew where Regis went to college and could do an impression of him. Every morning, he was on my TV. Amazing career. Amazing life. Needs to keep living.
  6. Mr. Feeny (William Daniels)
    Major influence in the fictional and real world. Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.
  7. Betty White
    100% must never die. Do you want to live in a world without Betty White? Nope. That's a hard pass.
  8. Harrison Ford
    After the Force Awakens, the realization that such a time could happen, he got added to this list. I'm still not happy about a Han Solo free fictional world, definitely not ok with the thought of a Harrison free real world.
  9. Christopher Lloyd
    Taxi. Back to the Future. Basically my childhood. I've been fortunate enough to be in the same room as him twice this year and really hit home how much I love him and he needs to live forever.
  10. These 2 beautiful bastards
    May this friendship NEVER END
  11. Dolly Parton - legend status
    Suggested by   @ShawnKelly
  12. Stevie Wonder
    OH GOD
    Suggested by   @k8mcgarry
  13. 41 and Barbara
    They are both the best (especially Barbara) and need to never die please and thank you.
  14. Paul McCartney
    Just don't
    Suggested by   @tatertotfreak
  15. Bob Dylan
    Suggested by   @isabellmae
  16. Gene Hackman
    Suggested by   @mjprovine