Inspired by @eatthelove and this does not include the Christmas Star Wars stuff out in my garage 😬
  1. Prints from meeting R2-D2
    AKA one of the greatest moments of my entire life
  2. Star Wars corner in my living room
  3. Side table next to the Star Wars corner
  4. Mad Libs
  5. Target clearance treasures awaiting their purpose
  6. Smugglers Bounty haul
  7. Star Wars Day giveaway.
    I also have a Han Solo and Brian Wilson frozen in carbonite giveaway but it hurts my heart too much so it's in my Giants Box-O-Sadness.
  8. Fruit Snacks
  9. Fridge magnet
  10. Yoda selfie on my fridge
  11. Kitchen goodies
  12. Tonight's dinner
  13. Vitamins
    Because I'm a grown up
  14. Decal waiting to go on my car
  15. In my game closet
  16. Yoda and Chewie
  17. Random little toys I've collected over the years
  18. Star Wars shirts that were clean
  19. Shirt that combined my two great loves and thus I had to buy it
  20. Movie ticket I just found while hunting for pictures from my George Lucas tour for another list
  21. DVDs and a game that I once played for 6+ hours in one day (and haven't actually played since)
  22. Pez collection
    Including the latest addition thanks to my List App Secret Santa @sally_lee !!
  23. On my TV right now
  24. These decals I'm finally getting around to sticking on my car
  25. A few new additions to my Star Wars table (thanks comic con)
  26. This AMAZING drawing by a former high school student.
  27. Awesome blanket I got for my birthday
  28. These cookies from my favorite local bakery
    (But they won't be in my house for long, they're headed to my tummy!)