1. There was a box next to my door when I got home and my excitement level went to 💯
  2. International!!!!!!!
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  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!!!
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    Dude. I can't even. How did I get so lucky?!
  4. Immediate extra excitement.
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    Come on. How can this go wrong?!
  5. Sally! Tell me more!
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  6. I *LITERALLY* let out an audible GASP when I opened this card.
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    BEST. CARD. EVER. never seen anything so amazing and it'll be added to my Christmas Star Wars collection.
  7. I haven't even read the card and it's already a perfect secret Santa gift.
  8. So nice and wonderful!
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  9. AND a real life handwritten letter!
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    She was convinced it wouldn't arrive before Christmas but it arrived with plenty of time to spare!!
  10. So many treasures!!
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  11. 1st package!
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    Perfect! Why is it perfect......?
  12. Because Yoda was the only Pez missing from my collection!!!!
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    Excellent choice or fine use of the force (secret Santa edition)
  13. You have no idea. I've ALWAYS wanted to try Tim Tams! And have heard magical things about Cadbury (mini eggs are my jam but apparently these are WAY better)
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    So excited to try but nervous I'll get hooked and be stuck in the US with no way to get my next fix.
  14. How great is Sally?!
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  15. 💛
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  16. Bonus: it smells delightful!
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  17. Beanie to keep my melon warm :) I have watched rugby a bit and understand it zero % but think it's awesome and badass
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  18. Melon = warm!
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  19. Finally a little piece of Australia for my fridge!
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  20. I went to stalk @sally_lee discovered she wrote this list about me
  21. And it was beautiful and spot-on and amazing and made my whole day
  22. Thank you @sally_lee for being so amazingly thoughtful and being a magnificent Secret Santa!
    I look forward to the future as list app buddies and yay for new friendship!
  23. And of course our wonderful List App Secret Santa Master himself @ChrisK thank you for beginning this magic and creating such a COOL FUN AMAZING thing.
    I hope you included yourself so you get to experience the magic too!!