No, I don't know how I have time to watch all of these either. (Note: some are sitting on my DVR waiting for a binge weekend to catch up)
  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    So damn funny. One liners. Throwaway gags. Great ensemble cast. Vacation Terry. Six-Drink Amy. Deadpan humor. Relationships you care about. Everything that comes out of Gina's mouth.
  2. Last Man on Earth
    One of the best pilots of last year. So original. Laugh out loud. Made me want to immediately create a margarita pool. First season got a bit repetitive but this season seems to be back on track. Also, great cast and surprises. Slow clap, Will Forte.
  3. Quantico
    On the DVR because I know I'm gonna binge the crap outta them and not want to wait a week to watch the next one.
  4. Jane the Virgin
    This show is FANTASTIC and fun and real and serious and loony and surprising and emotional and well written and powerfully acted. First season is on Netflix. Watch it.
  5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    A bit BANANAS to start off but as the pilot progressed I found myself more and more endeared. Plus, West Covina was stuck in my head all week, Sexy Getting Ready Song may be the best and most truthiest song ever, acknowledges another part of California besides LA and SF, and looks like it will delve into interesting relationship dynamics.
  6. Gotham
    Ben McKenzie. A unique approach to the Batman mythology. First season got better and this season is on my DVR waiting for a good weekend to power thru.
  7. The Big Bang Theory
    Still funny.
  8. The Flash
    Best New Show from last season. Flawless. I can't say enough good things about it. Just watch. Go to Netflix. NOW. you're welcome.
  9. iZombie
    Fun yet dark yet deep yet funny. Very well acted. Great cast. First season also on Netflix.
  10. Limitless
    May be my favorite new series this season.
  11. The Mindy Project
    Duh. Blessings upon Blessings for Hulu saving this treasure for us all.
  12. Grandfathered and The Grinder
    Giving them a fighting chance based solely on the likability and handsomeness of the leads (and for bringing Fred Savage back into our lives)
  13. Young & Hungry
    I'm a sucker, what can I say.
  14. Arrow
    Got hooked on Netflix over the summer and am not proud of how fast I powered through the first 2 seasons.
  15. Nashville
    Soapy musical pretty-haired goodness for all!
  16. Grey's Anatomy
    I watched the first episode on my friend Joanna's couch. We were hooked instantly. And I've (mostly) stuck with it through the years and it has made me cry more tears than probably any other show in TV history. Plus, I'm really digging the song covers they've been featuring the last couple seasons. Shondaland 4ever.
  17. Scandal
    Duh. Over a cliff. This season has been brilliantly bananas and gutsy and I can't wait to see where it goes. [unpopular opinion time: I don't think it should go more than 6 seasons]
  18. Undateable
    Enjoyed the previous seasons (made me laugh harder than it should) and they sure seem to be having a ball with the Live format this season.
  19. Girl Meets World
    I'm a sucker. And I don't care that I'm a sucker because I legit love it. And Mr. Turner coming back on my TV screen was among the top 25 things that happened this year.
  20. Saturday Night Live
    Hit or miss but watched since my youth and can't seem to quit it.