I was more on the ball last year ( SHOWS I AM CURRENTLY WATCHING (2015-2016 TV SEASON): LISTED SUNDAY - SATURDAY ) but still wanted to get this out before most shows return this week. Some have switched time slots while others have been devastatingly cancelled.
  1. Last Man on Earth
    While it hasn't been quite as amazing as the first season, this will never cease to be one of the most unique and fearless shows on TV.
  2. Quantico
    Still so many twists and turns. Plus a handsome British bloke to go along with the Ryan eyecandy. Also a pretty fearless show when it comes to places it is willing to go. Moving to Monday.
  3. The Royals
    The guiltiest of guilty pleasures. From the creator of One Tree Hill. All the stuff you loved from OTH plus royal family shenanigans and a lot more sex/drugs/adult themes.
  4. Conviction
    Started on Mondays but got moved to Sundays. Probably not going to survive this season, sadly. Hayley is great as per usual. And Tag (Rachel's hottie assistant) has grown up into ONE DAMN FINE LOOKING GENTLEMAN. seriously, so handsome.
  5. Timeless
    Started off kind of ridiculous but they have really developed the characters and their relationships. Plus, having fun with history!! Also, super hot main guy.
  6. Jane the Virgin
    As a hardcore member of Team Rafael, it's been a hard season for me. But the ridiculous telenovelaness continues to be perfection (plus there's been a whole product placement and CW meta storyline that has had me rolling). Also, Rogelio De La Vega shines like the sparkly lavender unicorn that he is. PS spoiler alert Jane loses her V Card this season and they handle it in a good way.
  7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Continues to be a barrel of laughs and one liners every week, while also continuously rounding out and growing the characters. All of the cast is the human form of the 💯 emoji (no offense Gina)
  8. New Girl
    Back to like season 2 level good. It's made me laugh more and more. They've even made a believable reason why the married Cece and Schmidt still live in the loft. Also, I continue to be all the Nick Millers ( THE NICK MILLER I AM, THE NICK MILLER I WANT TO BE, WHO AM I KIDDING I'M ALL THE NICK MILLERS )
  9. The Mindy Project
    I'm still upset by how they've done Danny dirty but whatevs...they also brought Bryan Greenberg back on my screen so I always approve of that. And more importantly, Mindy just continues to be Mindy and we all know how hard it is to be your own role model.
  10. The Flash
    Season one was straight up FLAWLESS. Season two was a bit of a mess. This season is a bit of a balance of the previous seasons. Plus, gave real consequences to some poor choices for once. Intrigued to see where it goes the rest of the season.
  11. No Tomorrow
    Cuss. This was one of the few shows that I made sure to watch the night it aired or immediately the next day. And I'm thinking it will end up being added to my canceled too soon list (still in drafts) because I think I was the only person to faithfully watch it. But you really should find a way to watch it. Fun. Bright. Unique. Uplifting. Doomsday. Romantic. Hilarious. Dreamy. Also, hot guy from Galavant is somehow even hotter.
  12. This is Us
    Duh. Also one that I watched the night it aired. Smart storytelling. Great real characters. A little twisty. Some tears. So good.
  13. Arrow
    Straight up back to season 1-2 level of good. Which is refreshing. Still the BEST fights on television. A good time, even when super dark. Very interested to see where they go the rest of the season. (And the big crossover episodes were super fun)
  14. Speechless
    Best new comedy this season. Hands down. Smart. Deals with real issues that haven't been seen on tv screens before. Minnie Driver is absolute perfection in this role. (Even though I still miss About A Boy)
  15. Young and Hungry
    As I said before, I'm a sucker and I love this show. It's fun and funny.
  16. The Big Bang Theory
    Overrated but still makes me laugh.
  17. Grey's Anatomy
    Continues to just be Grey's and sometimes that's enough.
  18. Pitch
    I had VERY HIGH expectations for this show. And dammit if it didn't actually meet them. Very realistic portrayal of the baseball world. Ginny is such an interesting character. And MPG has never been better. He plays the veteran catcher to perfection.
  19. Supernatural
    I just can't quit those Winchester brothers.
  20. SuperStore
    I love this show and this cast. So dang funny.
  21. The Good Place
    Ok, confession. I let these build up on my DVR because I knew once I started I wouldn't want to stop. And I was right...yesterday I watched 7 episodes. SO GOOD. Also, Janet is the best and I wish I was the actress who got to play her.
  22. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    A slight sophomore slump (especially in the music department) but still good and unique and dealing with issues in a way no one else does.
  23. Girl Meets World
    I AM STILL NOT EMOTIONALLY READY TO DISCUSS THAT I JUST WATCHED THE SERIES FINALE. I am in no way the target audience but so many episodes targeted me right in the feels. I grew up with Boy Meets World but I GREW with Girl Meets World. Still holding out a small hope that it'll get picked up. It deserves to.
  24. Saturday Night Live
    DUH. Also, there were so many GREAT ones this season. Tom Hanks' Trump supporter playing Black Jeopardy was the best sketch of the year, if not the past couple years. Chappelle, man. All the Kate and Alec debates. Weekend Update finally almost finding its groove.