1. In case you forgot what town you were in
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  2. America!
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  3. Family Time!
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  4. Smiley light truck
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  5. Tractors on parade
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  6. And another tractor
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  7. And another tractor
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  8. And another tractor
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  9. Your Christmas parade has a giant shopping cart, right?
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  10. Liiiights
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  11. Nutcracker on parade!
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  12. Oregon Trail on parade?
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  13. High School besties!!
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  14. A group with lightsabers. And they battled.
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  15. Color guard on parade
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  16. Marching Band on parade
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  17. Nativity on parade. With a live sheep!
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  18. Lil Sebastian on parade
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  19. Horses and Cowboys on parade
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  20. Learning there's a motor home derby!
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  21. Cinderella in a pumpkin on parade
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  22. Corvettes on parade (always feel bad. You're in a corvette and can only go 5 mph. So lame)
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  23. Drumming tiger on parade
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  24. Babyniece enthralled
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  25. CSUS on parade
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  26. Off-road renegades on parade
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  27. Lightsabers on parade
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  28. Church bus on parade
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  29. Downtown goodness
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  30. 'Merica
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  31. Turlock together
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  32. Santa!
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  33. Babyniece + Santa + snow = magic
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  34. Joy!
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  35. Bye Santa!!
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