This year's was the shortest in recent memory. But that's not gonna stop me from sharing it with y'all.
  1. Parade begins with tractors
  2. And continues
  3. And another
  4. 🚜
  5. 🇺🇸
  6. Truth be told, the tractors are my favorite part of the parade.
  7. Cool old car
  8. Cruisin'
  9. Band kids just happy they don't have to wear the band uniform today
  10. Every year the local Sikh temple walks in the parade...
  11. ...and pass out cold water...
  12. ...and every year the crowd cheers for them so dang loud.
  13. And it restores my faith in my can-be-super-redneck town, even though we are one of the most diverse towns around and I grew up not thinking anything about friends who looked different than me, despite my can-be-racist granddad.
    Did that come out right? Long story short, AMERICA.
  14. Not sure what kinda car this is but its cool.
  15. Low.
  16. I legitimately want this bronco. I want it so much.
  17. Assyrian American Civic Center
    Fun fact: Turlock has the biggest Assyrian population outside of Chicago.
  18. Yup. I'd drive that.
  19. 🔴⚪️🔵
  20. 🇺🇸
  21. Corvette❤️
  22. More of the corvette club
  23. Decor
  24. Kiddos
  25. Just you know rolling in her pink quad with a flag, like one does.
  26. Then they started dancing whilst they were walking
  27. Band on a truck
  28. ⚾️
  29. Dropped low on the go
  30. Early campaigning
  31. Zoom
  32. Local congressman
  33. And then it was over!
  34. So I'll give you some more fun from downtown Turlock
  35. My friend's kid adding to his patriotic outfit
  36. And his sister on her second cup of agua Fresca, made with cantaloupe grown by their family
  37. Big ol bounce house
  38. Patriotic hat game: 💯
  39. The "kid zone"
  40. Local business, nice chalk work
  41. Closed
  42. I love how the town comes out for holidays.
  43. Apparently this is a thing?
  44. War.
  45. Car show!
  46. .
  47. I want this.
  48. Not sure about the story here?
  49. Meep meep!
  50. El Camino!
  51. Yup
  52. So nice
  53. Memory makin, huh?
  54. For sale!
  55. Vroom
  56. Chevy❤️
  57. So clean
  58. Hoods up!
  59. I wanna drive that too
  60. The dream car
  61. Not so much the dream
  62. Probably my favorite though
  63. Classic
  64. I don't even know how that works but I like it
  65. Ultimate classic
  66. But this is the most Central Valley 4th of July vehicle of all time
  67. Happy 4th from Turlock, Ca 🇺🇸