@list ???
  1. I posted a list about how to be my favorite student
    Silly little list involving Lion King and the Sandlot. No big whoop.
  2. But I went to my notifications and had this
  3. Which was this
  4. Which was weird
  5. I am definitely not Michael's
  6. And my list had completely disappeared.
  7. So I made a version of this current list
  8. Then this exactly 2 seconds after posting I checked my notifications
  9. But then this also like 2 seconds later
  10. But then! That list disappeared TOO!
  11. Also, I got my work iPad and found a workaround to having to update my phone!
  12. But still the 2 lists I did this afternoon have vanished!!!
  13. And while I'm sure the answer to my problem is the inevitable "just update the damn app already" thought I'd check to see if anyone else had the weirdness happening.
  14. So we'll see if this one survives
  15. ⭐️⭐️⭐️