1. Roast
    My generation would have said Burn. When you put someone in their place using only your vicious rhetoric. Example: (after I've told a student they're a idiot, without actually calling them an idiot) "OOOOOH, Miss Smith just ROASTED you!!!"
  2. Savage
    Extreme badass. Fearless. A boss. Used as a noun, adjective and basically for whatever other part of speech they think that that can make it work.
  3. Gucci
    Cool. Good.
  4. Lit
    Hella cool. "Yo, that was Lit!" (Not to be confused with the rock band Lit who gave us My Own Worst Enemy)
  5. Triggered
    Used way too frequently and usually in the wrong context. Thanks, internet culture.
  6. BONUS! Drop either of these next two in conversation and the kids will be instantly interested.
  7. Harambe
    They are still OBSESSED with Harambe. Will drop it into conversation whenever they can, whenever it could be potentially relevant...but more than likely not. I had to ban it from my classrooms.
  8. Ebola
    I don't know why but they are still fascinated with Ebola. Do they know what it actually is? Nope. But they will yell it at the top of their lungs whenever asked about anything remotely having to do with an illness or something of the like. I don't get it.