(This is why I'm a terrible cleaner. I found this in a box of magazine I used to use for collage-ing. I used to want basically EVERYTHING in this)
  1. Cover!
  2. Sweaters.
  3. Super deep cardi WITH CUTE BUTTONS!
  4. Why don't I remember all the DEEP cardis?
  5. You know I wanted that that top left hoodie. But current me totally wants that top right sweater. So fancy!
  6. Short me can never pull off these sweater/dress/not really a dress things.
    Also, love the 2006 relevant Cold Play usage.
  7. A hoodie with a different pattern IN THE HOOD?! But way too short. Damn you 2006.
  8. I owned something similar to the bottom left
    (And if I'm being honest I'm pretty sure it's still in my sweater collection in my closet)
  9. Top ones 💯 bottom ones, way too fancy for me ( and maybe for any normal shaped girl)
  10. There's so much happening with this sweater and yet I still totally wish I could rock it, even here 10 years later
  11. But like how are those even usable pockets?! And wouldn't your tummy be cold? Clearly a SoCal only sweater
  12. Accessories!!
  13. 100% what I miss the most from Delia*s these thermals are LIFE.
  14. [side mission. Dear Google, does delia*s still exist?]
    (So what if I'm nearly 35, they better still have those damn thermals with the thumb holes! Mine has holes in it from so much wear over the years)
  16. Ahem, back to 2006
  17. Like this just screams Rory Gilmore to me
  18. More accessories. And that skirt is super cute
  19. Fashion.
  20. I can't figure out which one screams 2006 the most
    And which ones are totally back in fashion.
  21. Like that dress is totally back in fashion. Or did it never leave?
  22. But all of these tips are definitely 2006. Like Marissa Cooper status.
  23. These don't really scream "the aristocrats" to me, catalog copy editor.
  24. I'd totally wear the earrings but that's about it
  25. This dresses seem so short. Am I officially an old lady now? But that top right strapless I would 100% wear and wish I could order right now
  26. Apparently 2006 was the junction between the rise of the skinny jean and the death of the flare jeans
    I vehemently opposed skinny jeans until I was literally left with no more good flare options. My curves hope and pray that the flare makes a valiant comeback and soon.
  27. Boot cut. Aka would be too long and I'd create a hole in the back of the bottom hem area everytime.
  28. Come on, flare. Come back!!
  29. They're ridiculous and I love them and want them back in my life
  30. You have some benefits skinny but you'll never be my (or my giant calf muscles) favorite choice in pants.
  31. Again, top right 💯 the rest are fine...I guess
  32. I forgot the cinch scoop was a thing
  33. I think I had one but I think I got it from Mervyn's or JC Penney.
  34. Hoodie LIFE.
  35. So many choices!
    JK. 2006 Jen would have gone with the gnome, obviously. So cute
  36. That teal shooting star hoodie is LIFE and I WANT IT NOW.
  37. We interrupt the clothes in the catalog for some ads.
  38. Girls gotta shave
    This is the brand I use. Have I been unconsciously buying these because of this ad all these years?
  39. And now the secondary catalog within the catalog!
  40. Hello Kitty and Dr. Seuss
  41. Tee options
  42. So many hip tees.
    This like pre-threadless and ALL the other online hip shirt places
  43. I wanted the Dino one. And those the indie bread kids one was super clever.
    Still accurate.
  44. Did the leggings comeback start in 2006?!
    Also! Stirrup leggings!!
  45. Oh man. Vest!
  46. So much. Can't handle it.
  47. Hi. I live in California and jackets are my weakness. I want them all.
  48. My true weakness.
  49. These are fine...
  50. Actually quite a variety of shoe options here
  51. Boots, y'all
  52. These are more my style
  53. Bedding time!
  54. Maybe this one.
  55. Definitely not this one
  56. ...
  57. Nah, except for the rug that kinda looks like AstroTurf. I could maybe handle that.
  58. Wooooow...
  59. Do people really live like this?
  60. Like the colors but probably still couldn't handle it everyday.
  61. Does this come with the dog?
  62. Nope, but you can get this dog quilt
    Doesn't specify if it's for humans or dogs though
  63. Your final option.
  64. The end!