Inspired by Katy Perry on the drive to work and confirmed by @Lindi list about Garth Brooks saving her life
  1. California Girls - Katy Perry
    I was living in Boston and got hit with the strongest bout of depression I've ever experienced in my life. But every time this jam came on the radio it was like it was speaking to my soul and giving me a little California sunshine to ease my homesickness. And luckily it was when this song was on the radio ALL THE TIME.
  2. Unanswered Prayers - Garth Brooks
    When I was in Junior High, my youth pastor did a Sunday School series on popular songs. This is the only one that has stuck with me all these years. It's one that I've clinged to more times tha I can count. Because, dammit, we don't know. We don't know that something better than we have planned is probably out there. We don't dream big enough, at least I don't. This song is my constant reminder of not only God's goodness and timing but to remember to dream big and trust and keep moving forward.
  3. How Bizarre -OMC
    This song. This song brings a big huge grin to my face everytime I hear it. Not only because it's so dumb and upbeat and random (which of course it is) but because when I was 14 I went on a missions trip to Barbados and we met this group of guys from Sacramento and became instant friends. It was awesome and young and innocent flirty goodness. And somehow this song became our jam. It was 1996 years before iTunes but they would call our hotel room every morning and play us How Bizarre.
  4. Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus
    4th of July few years back a group of friends went to the lake, without a boat. Just hanging out tailgating waiting for the fireworks to start. Leading up to the fireworks we decided we needed a playlist and went through my phone. Only to discover the Party in the USA was the most patriotic song I had. And we got a good laugh and it was approved by my marine friend who confessed that he loved it. So we played it. And now it takes me back to the lake that day.
  5. The River - Garth Brooks
    A dream is like a river. When me and my friends were headed to the baseball winter meetings job fair to try and get employed, this song came on in the car on our way. And all 3 of us stopped and were like "yup. We needed to hear this." And held on to the song and our dreams.
  6. The entire Sigh No More album - Mumford & Sons
    Back to Boston living. This album was my true saving grace. I listened to it so much. It spoke to my soul. (Well speaking of souls, I guess if I had to pick one song it would be Awake My Soul because daaaaaaamn does that song get to me)