Imma cut a bitch.
  1. Lifehouse you and me
  2. Wake me up before you go go
  3. Daughtry home
  4. Lady Gaga paparazzi
  5. Nickelback photograph
    This was my breaking point. I sat up in bed and everyone else was like imma cut a bitch too so I called the front desk.
  6. Shawn Mendes stitches
  7. So loud I could Shazam this one
  8. 312am heard the guy in the hall on the radio
    I went out to talk to him to make sure it was dealt with
  9. He didn't believe us because there was a stairwell next to us. I made him come into the room
    "Oh yeah I hear the radio." No shit Sherlock. He went to go check upstairs.
  10. 315am it FINALLY is off midsong
  11. Now I can't sleep.
    Also, is it weird/bad that as soon as it went to a second song I opened up List App because I KNEW there'd be a list out of this situation?
  12. UPDATE. 3:37 am and Shawn Mendes is still stuck in my head 😡