1. Lady Gaga. Git it gurl.
    When she just sings without all the crazy outfits she is marvelous. Nice that the world got to see that. Though her shoes were awesome!
  2. Civil War. Team Cap. Yes. So excited.
  3. Joe. Cool. Montana.
    One of my first crushes in life. It's a hard life for a niners fan born the year of The Catch. I had a very spoiled sports fan childhood.
  4. Halftime coming up!
    How many times are they going to remind us of this? It's still early in the 1st quarter. Come on.
  5. Will CBS have a less annoying production than FOX?
    No Joe Buck so it's already POINTS for CBS.
  6. Jungle book feelings
    Mixed. Though I'm sure it'll be awesome. Good director. Great voice cast. Looks visually stunning.
  7. Astronaut Audi Bowie commercial.
    Good. Beautiful. Magical.
  8. Bay Area. At least they acknowledged that it is NOT actually in San Francisco
    Seriously. So ridiculous. More points for CBS. Fox would have just been all golden gate and transamerica shots.
  9. Puppy monkey baby is disturbing
    Legit. Disturbing.
  10. Bigger than everything.
    Oh Taco Bell.
  11. Marmot?
    I mean....what just happened?!
  12. Wow. That first touchdown. Ugly beautiful. LOVE that it was that dude's first career TD
  13. It's weird genuinely not caring who wins. I don't understand how people live this life. I love living the invested fan life.
  14. Key and Peele!
    Anyone actually watch the square space thing they did?
  15. Skycams how do they not get in the way? I legitimately want to know how they operate. Not a drone? Right?
  16. Tj Miller. Shock top.
    Yes. Love it.
  17. Buick. Not bad, not bad at all.
  18. Eyecam 360.
    Kinda cool.
  19. Blitzgiving! You get a blitz! And you get a blitz!
    I legit might make this my phone background I am so excited.
  21. Bud light. Rogen. Amy. Rudd. Pena. perfection. + ID4 speech.
  22. I'm disturbed by the skittles singing Steven Tyler.
  23. TMNT. Why does this not look 100% terrible? I blame Steven Amell being Casey Jones.
  24. Ryan Reynolds town. I would very much like to live there please.
  25. Late late show. I love Corden so damn much.
  26. Coast = not Santa Clara.
    Again, at least they acknowledged that it was Big Sur.
  27. Ref outfit. Comfiest of all time? Also, how is that ref # 106?
  28. Levi's turf = still terrible
    The turf has been an issue ALL year. Even before the season began. If only that could have been the excuse for why the Niners sucked so much this season.
  29. Great defensive game. But boring.
  30. As soon as I say that Broncos have a long punt return longest in sb history
  31. Jim Nantz = perfect week HIMYM
    I absolutely cannot see him and not just think of the Perfect Week episode of HIMYM.
  32. California Love. Required whenever a sporting event is on TV in California.
  33. Black and White classy-looking constipation commercial. Whaaaat. OIC? I mean, whaaaaaaaat?
  34. Final season of Good Wife. As it should be.
  35. I miss Tom Brady.
  36. Antman and Hulk! How much did Coke pay? Great ad though.
  37. 2 Rudd commercials 💰💰
  38. The guns on #98 on the Panthers. Damn, son.
  39. New ID4. Daaaaaaamn. Even better than the first trailer, which I didn't think was possible. SO EXCITED!
  40. Prius. Geez. Can't hear it coming. That actually turned out to be a fun great ad. Well done, even if it is a stupid car.
  41. Levi's so full. An unusual sight these days.
  42. The arms on the head referee. 💪🏼💪🏼 boom.
  43. 6/15. Geez Newton 5 straight incompletions
  44. Good catch and throw under pressure throw though.
  45. Halftime!
  46. Sideline interviewer so bored/boring.
  47. Hey did you know Coldplay was playing?
    You know, in case you hadn't heard it enough from CBS.
  48. Colbert Corden. 4eva!
  49. Pepsi. Didn't Britney already do this ad?
  50. I wanna be on of those random runners. Love that Coldplay drummer is standing
  51. We're in this together.
  52. Floor of the stage is actually super cool.
  53. So many random people. Marching band?
    Cal Berkeley band!
  54. You know you watched too much Alias when you see the Rimbaldi symbol in the formation during the halftime show.
  55. So bright!
  56. Flower umbrellas. Interesting and yet kinda cool.
  57. Bruno! Tiny. Dancer!
  58. Bey. No turf issues
  59. Dance off. If only Bowie was still around to have called this Dance Off.
  60. Doesn't look live
  61. Chris Marin trying to dance in back but creeping down. He just wants to be a part!
  62. Piano. All day.
  63. This retrospective is impressive and lovely. Esp u2
    Ugh when Bono had the American flag in his jacket after 9/11 😭🇺🇸
  64. Believe in love. How do they have the whole stadium hold up the colors? Doesn't that ruin the view?
    Thanks hot doc from Greys for letting me know how it played out as a fan. https://www.instagram.com/p/BBgdxpLHexT/
  65. Schwartzman! Marino. Baldwin. Missy. Amazon. Niiiiice.
  66. Jeep. Beautiful. Plus Goldblum and Jurassic park reference 💯
  67. Adele + Grammys = yup.
  68. Santana. Obviously. Also a requirement from a NorCal sports broadcast.
  69. Hit the goalpost! Man.
  70. Dog Doritos commercial. Win.
  71. Hopkins. Turbo tax. Well played. Free. Dog named turbotax.com 😂
  72. I can do that. Pokemon?! For realz?
  73. Offsides? false start? neutral zone infraction?
    Which is which these days?
  74. Poop issue commercials > boner pill commercials?
    I can't decide.
  75. Liam. Neeson. Huh?
    I legit have zero idea what that commercial was saying. Some kind of tv?
  76. I loved seeing how the footballs get made.
    I am a nerd.
  77. X men!!!!
  78. Butterfinger.
    Weird but delicious.
  79. Brown. Great catch.
  80. Weenie Dog commercial.
    🙌🏼 Heinz.
  81. Ridge line. Sheep. Somebody to love. Yes.
  82. Bud. Clydesdale. Is that only the 2nd ad from them? Is that possible?
  83. Such a long game. Still not even 4th quarter.
  84. That was some payoff with all those football babies commercial. Seal!!!!!!
  85. A'S getting some screen time from xfinity. Good for them!
  86. Talking bald eagle!
  87. Walken. Beige. Pizazz. Kia? Sock puppet.
    I don't know what just happened.
  88. #Giveadamn - you can say damn now?
  89. Drake. I love changes. Ingenious ad. Got that stupid song stuck in my head.
  90. Omaha! Manning need a bigger helmet? What's with the red mark on his forehead?
  91. Helen Mirren. LOVE. Science would return it. So that's ad #3 from Bud? So weird.
  92. Von Miller, bro. Ref trying to get outta the way. Sorry Cam
  93. Cam Newton. Pissed.
  94. Manning. Gotta retire. Right?
  95. Shitload of cameras on Peyton 200 wins. hugs Cam classy move all around. It's actually a good looking hat! He's gonna drink a lot of Budweiser. 💰💰💰