1. Dean Cain and Helen Slater! Genius!!!
    I love that I'm a big enough loser to know why this is genius casting
  2. Is this a rom com?
  3. Ally McBeal as Meryl in Devil Wears Prada
    Kinda missed Calista and didn't even realize it.
  4. James, not Jimmy Olsen? Also, HOT.
  5. Chyler Leigh should stay away from airplanes.
  6. Why are the special effects better on Arrow and The Flash when CBS should have more $ than The CW?
    I mean, they even have the same producer!
  7. People love: 1) fatty foods 2) a hero
    Calista isn't wrong about that
  8. Interesting evolution of her outfit
  9. Whaaaaat?! Her sis is an agent? Is this xfiles as a rom com?!
  10. Cat Grant! Just realized that she's from the Daily Planet! Superman and supergirl worlds collide way too much.
    Everything I know about Superman I learned from Lois and Clark.
  11. Is she doesn't want to be identified why isn't she wearing a mask? Oh right...glasses. 👓 Dumbest disguise ever.
  12. I love that Laura Benanti is everywhere this year!
  13. Totally a Smallville move with the standing in the middle of the street to stop the big rig.
  14. So glad her lipstick was still on perfectly after her big fight to beat the bad guy.
  15. Coming of age rom com family drama supernatural crime girl power superhero show? Maybe too much for one show.
    But yeah, I'll still watch.