I've watched my niece every Thurs since she was 6 weeks old. A couple years ago I asked her what we were going to do and she responded with "the same thing we do every week" to which I responded "Try to Take Over the World!" And now we take over the world every week and someday I'll get to show her Pinky and the Brain and explain our origin 😏
  1. Don't Let the Balloon touch the Floor game
  2. She wrote a song for me and performed it as a one girl band (whistle from chuck e cheese, Minnie tambourine, princess keyboard, frozen uke). Then switched to her doc mcstuffins microphone for a proper performance.
    The lyrics: "you're the best Jenny EVER" repeat 10 times "you're the best Jenny in the whole wide world" repeat 5 times "best aunt EVERRRRRRR!" best song ever. Wish it could be my ringtone. But I feel that'd be a bit narcissistic :)
  3. We played hair salon with her Elsa head.
  4. Which inspired a royal ball
  5. Which needed to change from her footie PJs to fancy clothes. But found her witches costume instead so that won. And then we played trick or treating for about 35 minutes. With actual bowl of candy, costumes, and plastic pumpkin.
  6. Played Doctor. But with power tools instead of her Doc mcstuffins kit.
    I was not all about this game and ended as quickly as she would let me.
  7. Which led to our classic game of Lion King
    Where we fight on the bed as Simba and Scar (and I always have to be Scar because I'm so good at being the bad one). I also play the soundtrack during it, to make it better and try to sneak in movie theme appreciation.
  8. Which led to a quick round of Inspector Gadget
    (She called me Claw instead of Scar, thus the switch). Also, she plays based off the version from Netflix. There's a new character named Talon who is Claw's nephew. Whatevs. Old school original FTW.
  9. I needed a rest so I talked her into princess diaries 2 (we watch the original last week)
    Rest plus Chris Pine = win. (Though only got through like 45 minutes of it)
  10. Played Crazy Hair Day at the salon while watching.
    Came up with some winners.
  11. They live behind my grandparents so we always go "up front" to visit. This week she brought up her microphone to perform.
    Frozen songs and Descendants. Though my grandpa was not all about her witches costume and told her it scared the dog.
  12. While she was looking up more songs on YouTube she found a Star Wars frozen parody that was amazing. And she ran over and jumped in my lap to watch
    Training her in the ways of the force https://youtu.be/qSgJeVwjnpc
  13. We went back to her house to change outfits and get ready to go visit her mom at work. We took turns brushing each others hair so it was crazy (and managed to sneak in some more Princess Diaries 2)
  14. She grabbed her Puppy Surprise to come with us (named Popcorn and her 3 puppies Hugs, Kisses, and Cuddles)
  15. We went and ran Papa's errand (we go to the store and get his Lotto ticket)
  16. Got to the restaurant for lunch. Played Hide the condiments game while waiting. Then got our food.
    So. Many. Onion. Tanglers.
  17. She ate Ketchup by the finger full. Because of course she did.
  18. We went and got cookies and hot chocolate
  19. We went and got food for my grandparents.
  20. We got home and had a picnic inside with our cookies (and finished princess diaries)
    I BLEW HER MIND when I told her the Queen was Mary Poppins.
  21. We started the descendants and played Jungle Jen (where she climbs all over me like I'm a jungle gym)
  22. And then her mom came home.
  23. And then I got 5 full speed running at me hugs goodbye. And now I rest.
  24. And that's a typical Thursday for me.
  25. But I'm gonna be real sad the day she doesn't get so excited that we have to play every single minute we are together so I'm trying to appreciate it while I can, even when I'm EXHAUSTED.
    And also why I'm still like whatevs about having kids of my own.