1. Basically, this was what I needed to hear tonight.
  2. 🎶 what will my future be? 🎶
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  3. 🎶oh I must stop these doubts and all these worries 🎶
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  4. 🎶 if I don't, I just know I'll turn back 🎶
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  5. 🎶 I must dream of the things I am seeking 🎶
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  6. 🎶 I am seeking the courage I lack 🎶
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  7. 🎶and while I show them 🎶
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  8. 🎶 I'll show meeeeee 🎶
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  9. 🎶I'll do better than my best 🎶
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  10. 🎶I have confidence they'll put me to the test 🎶
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  11. 🎶 but I'll make them see I have confidence in me 🎶
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  12. 🎶somehow I will impress them 🎶
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  13. 🎶I will be firm but kind 🎶
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  14. 🎶I have confidence the world can all be mine 🎶
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  15. 🎶I have confidence in sunshine🎶
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  16. 🎶I have confidence in rain 🎶
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  17. 🎶I have confidence that spring will come again🎶
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  18. 🎶besides which you see I have confidence in me🎶
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  19. 🎶strength doesn't lie in numbers 🎶
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  20. 🎶strength doesn't lie in wealth🎶
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  21. 🎶strength lies in nights of peaceful slumbers 🎶
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  22. 🎶all I trust becomes my own🎶
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  23. 🎶besides which you see I have confidence ...🎶
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  24. 🎶...in meeeeeeeee🎶
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  25. Preach it sista.