Thanks Facebook memories for reminding me that Notes were a thing on Facebook in 2009. I had gotten tagged and this is what I wrote then. Really, not much has changed 7 years later. But my current day commentary is included for funzies.
  1. I got hooked on American Idol last season. I'm ashamed...and yet watching it as I type this.
    Got over it as that season but am watching the occasional one this last and final season.
  2. I desire to go to all the MLB stadiums. Ginamarie and I sat in Omelette Parlor and actually planned out a while Girls/Baseball Fan documentary we could shoot along the way and get sponsored. Then she got married. We'll see if it ever happens.
    RIP to the Omelette Parlor and also to these plans. Still hopeful that it'll happen one day but yeah...Ginamarie now lives in Oregon and has a kid and this seems more and more unrealistic 😢 but I've built up my own pretty impressive list of stadiums I've been to.
  3. My favorite stuffed animal growing up was a brown duck named Brown Duckie. My mom sent me a massive yellow duck my freshman year in college. My 1st day in Florida I ran over a duck. I now live next to a "lake" w/ lots of ducks and I'm pretty sure they know I killed one of their kin. They freak me out and taunt me.
    Birds = THE WORST.
  4. I am pretty sure I could eat Taco Bell everyday.
    Been true my whole life, don't foresee this ever changing.
  5. It's disgusting how good I am at Bejeweled.
    Also still true but I've been pretty bejeweled blitz exclusive for a couple years now.
  6. I've only seen the movie E.T. in Spanish.
    Still true (insert shamed emoji here)
  7. I've never been to a gym to work out in my life.
    I went with my friend once and it was the worst experience. I'll continue to get my exercise outside. Whenever I do get my exercise.
  8. I've seen Celine Dion in Vegas. And LOVED it.
    Want to see her again. But also NEED to see Britney while she's still in Vegas. No shame.
  9. One of my favorite ways to unwind before bed is to eat a bowl of cereal.
    This will forever be true and my future husband really needs to be ok with a bowl of cereal before bed to debrief our day. It'll probably be in my vows.
  10. I enjoy me some karaoke. Name the time and place and I'm there. And probably belting out Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison.
    Yup still true. Though sadly nowhere to do karaoke around where I live. 😩
  11. I was in a bowling league in 5th grade. I wasn't very good. Then I bowled a 178 one game. I then was awarded the Most Improved Bowler trophy. I still have my teal ball and the trophy.
    Yup. I legit get angry if I don't break 100. I got 180 once. But it's not a regular thing.
  12. I have no fear of needles. Hence my one gallon donor status.
    Though I haven't crossed into the 2 gallon donor status because they stopped giving movie tickets. I am a horrible person and need to get back into it.
  13. I have a great fear of falling in the shower and dying. Is there much worse than being found dead, naked, AND WET? I also have a slight fear of finding someone that way.
    Worst. Still #1 fear.
  14. I make the world's greatest snickerdoodles. No Joke.
    Fact. And no you can't have the recipe because there technically isn't one.
  15. I love watching people get hit. By bats, balls, people, cars, water balloons, etc.
    The scene at the beginning of Meet Joe Black can't be rewound less than 10 times.
  16. Alias was one of my favorite shows ever. And yes, I do still pretend I am Sydney Bristow. And I know I'm not alone.
    Forever and ever.
  17. Seventeen is my favorite number.
    I think this may still be true. It was one of my favorite ages.
  18. I have a huge fear of commitment. How did this truth finally hit me? When I had to figure out a favorite color and couldn't do it. Went jokingly with real. It is now my official favorite color.
    I have a list in my drafts about this.
  19. My quad in college organized a Dr. Mario tournament. I made the bracket board. We seeded the players. I was the number one seed. I was victorious. But it got close. I got a little intense.
    To this day we still can't remember exactly what horrendous trash talk came out of my mouth in the moment of truth...and it's probably for the best...
  20. My happy place is at a ballpark. But also the beach, the mountains, and Latif's.
  21. I want to live in a big city for 6 months to a year. But I don't think I could handle it much longer.
    Still a dream.
  22. I love traditions. And I've got some good ones.
  23. The iPhone has changed my life. But don't worry, not as much as Jesus.
    This was before everyone had one. It's still true though.
  24. I was in numerous church musicals as a child. And I was awesome. One time, in Toyland Express, I was one of the Easter bunnies who was on clearance and sad because no one wanted to buy an Easter bunny at Christmas. It was golden my friends, golden.
    It makes me beyond sad that I can't find video footage of any of these because they were so awfully bad (aka AWESOME).
  25. I pretty firmly believe that Dr Pepper is the Lord's soda.