1. I followed his progress as he worked his way through the minors again.
  2. And once it was confirmed that he was "going to the show" once more, I started eyeing if he would make his first start in Oakland
    (That was everyone in the bay area's hope when his "projected timeline" came out because let's be serious it was the perfect dream)
  3. And it worked out. And it also happened to be happening the week of one of my goodest friend (who is also my regular game buddy)'s birthday
    Which is also Tim Lincecum's birthday. And she also happens to be very much in love Tim Lincecum. Twas kismet.
  4. Thus, I got on stubhub and grabbed tickets, praying they wouldn't for some reason switch days, and BOOM we were going!
  5. Saturday came! Happy Lincecum Day!! I was housesitting and had my niece spend the night. So, we got to a slightly later start than I desired. But still should have been plenty of time to get there early.
  6. And then. Traffic. On a Saturday. On the 99. In the middle of California. Which should not happen.
  7. So, got off and took backroads to get around the first part.
  8. Then, got on 120 to meet up with the 5 but there was a Baconfest happening. And apparently it was HUGE. because the right lanes were stopped from people trying to get off to go and the fields were full of cars.
  9. So, eventually we got passed that. And then hit traffic in Dublin. But we were getting off there to take BART anyways. So, got off and took another backroads way. Finally got to BART.
  10. Got on the train, and waited. Good ol end of the line problems.
  11. So I opened the MLB app and got radio and gameday.
  12. And so it begins.
  13. We only had 4 stops.
  14. Then live look in happened! So weird in red. So so so weird.
  15. And then we were there and walking across the bridge
  16. Got inside and walking thru the tunnel. Old school stadium y'all.
  17. And got there as Timmy was starting the 2nd inning.
  18. There is he. In person. In the bigs. In red 😟
  19. Lincecum! 55!
  20. Strong Lincecum Fans. A whole row worth!
  21. They tarp off the upper decks. Fine. But they keep them tarped during the playoffs which never made any sense to me.
    Also, it was a beautiful day.
  22. It really was so great so see him again. I wish I could connect my video. But his weird wonderful windup just brings me joy.
  23. After he was done in the 6th, he left to a standing ovation.
  24. He did ok. 3rd inning was rough. But then the A's pitching and defense imploded. And that also helped keep him in the game longer.
  25. If there was any perfect place for him to kickoff his comeback, it was here. There was LITERALLY a third A's gear, a third Angels gear, and a third Giants/Lincecum gear amongst the fans.
    I saw a few people in Lincecum jerseys wearing an Angels hat. My conclusion was that they had to have become fans during the 3 in 5 years run. (Which I have no issues with. Bandwagon CAN lead to real fandom. I support that). But anyone who was a fan in 2002, could NEVER wear Angels gear. I was fighting my PTSD all day.
  26. Traditional 7th inning streeeeetch shot!
  27. And then it was warm, I didn't win the 50/50 raffle and we wanted to beat the traffic. So we took off.
  28. But since we were right there I had to stop and pay homage
  29. Super gross yellow carpet up the stairs to the Arena
  30. Shruggie real life emoji
  31. Literally the closest I'll ever be to an NBA Finals game. Just 24 hours too early and thousands of dollars short.
  32. Had to.
  33. Line to get in to the store. It is SMALL!
  34. No price tags on them. I'm assuming a hundred million dollars per fathead.
  35. Strength in Numbers jersey numbers
  36. I got 2 shirts. The selection was not great. Seriously, such a small shop and not a lot of merchandise. Disappointing.
    Though as my friend pointed out, before 2 years ago, they really didn't need a large store.
  37. Walking out, I giggled. It's been awhile since Champions happened.
  38. Yay!
  39. Hate the red. Hate it so much. But love him. I know we didn't have a place for him. But I'm so happy to see him succeed. He is a lifelong Good Giant. My secret hope and dream is for him to do well and come back next season to the Giants when Peavy is done.
  40. Here's hoping. Good luck Big Time Timmy Jim!!