Haven't watched since it aired. Like a decade ago. Thanks Pop Network for airing 3 episodes a day that I can DVR (but FYI it's coming to Hulu next month!!)
  1. 10 year old spoilers!
  2. Ugh. Season 3 finale. Tears started trying to make their way out around here
  3. I mean, I've been watching the last few episodes knowing what's coming. And how well they played it.
  4. Volcheck. The worst.
    How was he so nice to Xtina in burlesque ?
  5. These two 😢 they have no idea. Look how happy they actually are for once!
  6. Baby Thea Queen!
  7. Come on guy
  8. These two
    Was there ever a more twisted complicated mom-daughter relationship? And yet they were finally ok!
  9. The best. And he totally redeemed himself!
  10. Model home Callback!
  11. So much youthful joy for once
    And with in-n-out, obvi.
  12. BFF goodbye! Proper.
  13. The meaningful look back.
    How didn't I see this coming 10 years ago. It was all too perfect. I'm a much wiser tv watcher these days.
  14. Oliver Trask shoutout! LOL
    (Aka the only thing they would have done differently)
  15. Nooooo. It's coming.
  16. No.
  17. Not the way to get someone to pull over, idiot.
    Also, there's not really a road this open and country-like on the way from Newport to the airport. FYI.
  18. 😩
  19. Always the hero
    LOVE That they overlapped all the other times he carried her like this.
  20. Oh these two...
  21. No. No. There is nothing in the world that tears me up more than guys crying.
    And with an acapella hallelujah playing. Ugh. Tears.
  22. And then Pilot episode call back. Ugh.
  23. If they hadn't gotten another season what a fricking gut punch to have ended the series on.
  24. Happy Friday Night.