Where I cover all the goodness from the 90s, whether you remember it or not!
  1. California Dreams theme song
  2. Friends Forever
    The Zack Attack song, but in the style of the Michael W. Smith classic
  3. Camp Cucamonga
    From the all star TV movie of the same name. Rap portion still intact. Includes a frame by frame recreation of the music video.
  4. Family Matters theme song
    Done in the Emo style it deserves
  5. Darkwing Duck theme song
    Punk Rock style. Obvi.
  6. Camp Anawanna (theme from Salute Your Shorts)
    Done in a Mumford and Sons style
  7. GUTS theme song
    Screamo style
  8. Killer Tofu
    That The Beets classic! Covered in a way that stays true to the (perfect) original.
  9. Boy Meets World season one theme song
    Whistled by me!
  10. Standing at the Edge of Tomorrow....TODAY!
    Saved by the Bell the College Years theme. Done in a rousing upbeat style with clapping and stomping and gleeful joy! Because, the song was better than the show and deserves to be honored as such!