Every year, I make a playlist throughout the year of songs that mattered to me, that were new, that I enjoyed, etc. Before Spotify I had to actually spend the $0.99 for every song. It's definitely eclectic, cause that's how I roll. If you want to give it a listen, enjoy! https://open.spotify.com/user/1281071267/playlist/0lrvi4ggseiGiENfl6oI4o
  1. Uptown Funk
  2. Chains
    Oh little Jo Bro. You've grown up so well.
  3. See You Again
    I'll never not be emotional about the loss of Paul Walker. This song does/doesn't help.
  4. Flashlight
    Tried so hard to recreate the magic from the original. Grew on me a bit but yeah....
  5. The Heart
    Actually first heard it on the Hart of Dixie finale. It's a fun happy jam.
  6. Pretty Girls
    I support you Britney.
  7. Sugar (This Summer also made the playlist)
    Levine and Co. Doing what they do. Making me sing along.
  8. Thinking Out Loud
    2015 = the year I gave in to the Sheeran hype
  9. 21
    I don't know I love Hunter Hayes but I do a little bit.
  10. Chasing Cars
    The Sleeping at Last cover that played during the end of McDreamy's time on the Grey's. Gets me more than I care to admit.
  11. Bright
    I dig me some Echosmith.
  12. Shut Up and Dance
    My little cousin who was in high school told me she had gone to the their concert on a school night and I was so proud even though I had no clue who they were. Then this song EXPLODED and I was even more proud of her for being so hip and cool and ahead of the game. And I do love to shut up and dance (whilst singing full volume)
  13. Sedona
    Sophia Bush posted about them on social media and I gave a listen and this became one of my albums of the summer
  14. Honey, I'm Good
    Just really like this one. It's like what genre is it *really*?
  15. Budapest
    Another one that I just got hooked after the first listen.
  16. Fight Song
  17. Marvin Gaye
    I want Charlie to become an even bigger thing and sing all the things.
  18. Yup (Golden State Remix)
    Dubnation, y'all! We are championship.
  19. Where It All Begins
    Hunter + Lady A = I'll listen
  20. Lean On
    Another EVERYWHERE song.
  21. John Cougar John Deere John 3:16
    Urban pretending he's 'Merica not an Aussie.
  22. Sparks
    Watching Younger resurfaced Duff AND this has a featured whistler (which is a life goal of mine) so I am IN.
  23. Tear in my Heart
    Thank you Live 105 during a SF trip for introducing me to Twenty One Pilots.
  24. Hold Back the River
    Same SF trip, same radio station, more GOOD music introduced to my soul this summer.
  25. Coming Home
    Leon Bridges. Thanks again to Live 105. This album was on repeat in heavy rotation (before SNL, that makes me a hipster, right?)
  26. Cool for the Summer
    Took awhile but it grew on me and was in fact cool for the summer.
  27. Go Big or Go Home
    2nd year in a row they've had a song I have dug.
  28. Nothin' Like You
    Fun new country that's not awful.
  29. Can't Feel My Face
    E.VE.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. (And then Tom Cruise Lip Sync Battled it)
  30. Want to Want Me
    It's not summer with a Derulo jam
  31. Photograph
    I told you, hype. Plus I watched him when @john guest hosted the Late Late show and they were awesome and made me love them both even more.
  32. Better Man
    All. The. Leon. Bridges.
  33. California Nights
    Performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden and I was intrigued enough to look up the album on Spotify and they were added into the summer rotation
  34. Dreams
    Also discovered from Late Late Show. Plus one of them was wearing a Giants hat so I had to give a fair listen. Really enjoyable and this became MY song of the summer.
  35. Geronimo
    Thanks Girl Meets World Semi Formal episode.
  36. Should've Been Us
    Thanks high school small group girls from church. They help keep me hip.
  37. Beileve
    Thanks babyniece for being obsessed with this Disney Channel gem so I knew who Shawn Mendes was.
  38. Ex's & Oh's
    I'll never get over that this is Rob Schniender's daughter. And that she's actually good.
  39. Love Me Like You Do
    Guess who didn't know this was from the 50 Shades soundtrack 🙋🏼
  40. The Power of Love
    2015 has been in circled in my mind for most of my life thanks to the the BTTF trilogy so obvi Huey had to make the cut on this year's playlist
  41. Back in Time
    Did you not see the name of the playlist was The Year de McFly?! All the BTTF songs!
  42. Hello
    DUH. this ish was added the minute it was available on Spotify
  43. Love Myself
    Better than it had any reason to be, grows on ya a little bit each listen.
  44. Get Stupid
    Honestly not sure how/when this got added but it's not bad.
  45. Country Nation
    Always need a little Paisley. Could listen to that fella play guitar ALL DAY.
  46. Tennessee Whiskey
  47. In an ideal world this is where I would have the Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton performance from the CMAs...
    ...but people are idiots and didn't make it available to buy or stream anywhere and I would have paid the $1.29 and it would have gone to the top of my most played in record time. If you haven't heard it (or just need to watch on repeat forever) here you go and enjoy the goodness http://youtu.be/qFD9ObuLoOM
  48. Girl in a Country Song
    Another thanks to Girl Meets World for introducing me to this little duo.
  49. Confident
    I F%#@ing LOVE THIS SONG.
  50. Good For You
    Lil Gomez is growing up!
  51. Sorry
    I have been ashamed on numerous occasions with how swiftly I knew this was the Biebs when someone asked who was singing. But screw it, I think I actually like his new album.
  52. Drag Me Down
    I was always like "whatevs" about the 1D. But I've stopped fighting it. I like them. And of course now that they are on hiatus. Does that make me like a reverse hipster?
  53. Perfect
    Yeah, I like them now, whatevs. (To be fair, they are featured on my Guilty Pleasure Jamz playlist so maybe I've liked them longer than I care to admit)
  54. Rey's Theme
    Please, like there could be new John Williams Star Wars music and it wouldn't make my playlist. Also, Rey = the best.
  55. The Ways of The Force
    Beautiful mix of original old school Star Wars with new goodness, because John Williams is perfection and can NEVER DIE (please Lord Jesus never let him die).
  56. Stitches
    One of my high school boys in my youth group sings this CONSTANTLY and I finally heard the actual version and I can dig it.
  57. Let it Go
    More like James Bae, amirite?! (I 100% hate myself for that comment, but seriously though)