After waaaaay too much activity over the last month
  1. Woke up on Friday feeling like death and wished I could have called in sick but powered through the morning
  2. Made rockets with straws
  3. Showed my guys A Goofy Movie
    And it's still the best most underrated Disney movie with the BEST soundtrack EVER.
  4. Took a 20 minute power nap
  5. Had a mini high school reunion with a few friends
  6. Went home and fell asleep by 8pm
  7. Watched the Younger marathon on TV Land.
    I can't wait for the season premiere. #teamcharles
  8. Cleared up some DVR space by watching like 10 episodes of Psych
  9. Successfully avoided all human contact until I ordered pizza for dinner.
  10. Cleaned some.
  11. Put on a terrible romcom type movie to fall asleep to (something borrowed)
    His hotness sucks me in every time even though he's a terrible character
  12. Did not set an alarm for the second day in a row.
    Only slept like 7 hours
  13. Cleaned a little more
  14. Tried the fancy pizza reheating method that's been all over the internet lately
    First slice, not long enough so bottom was yummy and crunchy but cheese was cold and not melty. Second slice was perfection.
  15. For @justjills and others interested
    Also, I would say 2 minutes covered, I did 1 min for my first try and the cheese was cold and not fully melted. But 2 min was 💯
  16. Rolled through Giants twitter for solidarity during the Giants 12th loss in 13th games
  17. Adjusted my Giants standings board in the most positive way I could come up with
  18. Put away all my laundry
  19. Now waiting for my roommate to get home from her trip for our traditional Sunday night Taco Bell run