1. Chicken Rolled Tacos
    Literally my favorite thing that Taco Bell has ever made. They keep taking it away and then bringing it back "for a limited time" BASTARDS, just let them be in my life all the time. I'm so fearful of them leaving again, I should be ashamed about how many times I've had them since they came back 2 weeks ago (at least 10 😬) no shame.
  2. No Tomorrow
    This beautiful gem of a show is hard to define and I fear that it'll be canceled by The CW because of low ratings so please give it a chance. It's like a rom com but end of times but funny but whimsical but inspiring but yeah...great lead, fun supporting characters, and if you watched Galavant and fell in love with the dude who played him (🙋🏼guilty) he's somehow even more charming and charismatic on this show.
  3. Peach cream cheese
    Toast bagel. Put this on it. So good.
  4. Reese's Big Cup with Reese's Pieces
    @BWN_7 you've changed my life. It is perfection.
  5. New Jimmy Eat World
    Been on repeat. Best album in years. Gives me the Clarity feels.