1. One of the clocks in the opening of part 1 has a man hanging from a clock hand
    Just like Doc! Foreshadowing!!
  2. There was a crapload of Burger King trash on Doc's bed and around his house
    Which makes sense due to the proximity of BK on his property. Also, why does he have framed newspapers about selling off all his family property on his wall?
  3. Train whistle heard when Marty is arriving at Twin Pines Mall
    Informing us that a train does run thru town which sets up Part III
  4. Billy Zane is damn handsome
    I'd forgotten because he was such a dillhole in titanic that it tainted my memory
  5. The address of Doc's house is 1646 in 1985 and then 1640 in 1955
  6. Christopher Lloyd is a goddamn national treasure
    Seriously. Just even in the background, his faces are amazing.
  7. George McFly's haircut in 1955 is straight up awful
  8. The alarm clock that Doc puts in the Delorean to tell Marty when to drive towards the lightning/future is still in the car when Doc comes to bring him back to the future
  9. Doc's outfit from the future is incredibly ridiculous. Clear plastic tie. Capri pants. Weird high tops.
  10. Fun things all over the cafe 80s including 49ers memorabilia and a pacman game with a sign on it that says not to touch it because it is priceless.
  11. Jaws 19 directed by Max Spielberg
  12. Slamball was apparently supposed to be a thing in 2015 because it was featured in multiple places throughout the movie.
    Though, it was involved in a storyline on One Tree Hill so that should count for something....right?
  13. The graffiti on the Hilldale sign changed the slogan from "address of success" to "address of suckers"
  14. In 2015 the courthouse is a mall!
  15. There are TRAINS on Doc's shirt!!
    So much preparing for Part III
  16. Seeing these on the Big Screen was SO GREAT!
    But now it's all the past and we are really in the future and that is crazy.