I didn't have a sub job scheduled when I went to bed and decided I would only check twice in the morning and if no available jobs then I would take the day off. I've been going non-stop and was gone all weekend. So a day at my house sounds perfect.
  1. ✅ sleep in
  2. ✅ Make breakfast
  3. ✅ Catch up on Scandal
    I'm only 3 episodes in this season 😳
  4. Put away laundry
  5. Change my sheets
  6. ✅ Organize the piles of stuff that have accumulated in the corners of my living room
    I'm not the only one with piles in corners, right?!
  7. Finish my taxes
    〰 I WORKED on them but didn't finish them I'm quasi counting this.
  8. ✅ Make lunch
  9. Finish creating April in my bullet journal
  10. ✅ Take a shower
  11. Maybe go see a matinee
  12. ✅ Enter Hamilton lottery again
  13. Clean out the trunk of my car
  14. ✅ Pick my babyniece up from school and go get ice cream sundaes
  15. Uber enough tonight to hopefully make enough to cover myself and a couple bills until I get paid on Monday
  16. Prep my gamebag for next week when I go to my first Giants game of the season
  17. ✅ Read