1. Nalgene bottle
    What can I say? Hydration = Good. Though I do 100% use a straw because otherwise I would spill water all over myself
  2. My mom's nighttime routine of Cold Cream and stretching before bed
    One day I saw a picture where I swear my mom looked younger than me. Then I tried to think of what she did that I didn't. Cold cream! And the stretching just makes logical sense now.
  3. Going to bed at a reasonable time
    Note: before midnight is still reasonable. Before 11 is extraordinary. Before 10 means I must be on the verge of being sick.
  4. Use twitter
    "What's the point? Why do I care about what you can say in 140 characters?" And then I didn't have cable and only had internet on my phone. And it became how I got my news and knew what was happening in the Giants game. And then I won a couple twitter contests and got cool prizes. And now it's weird to watch things on tv without following along on twitter.
  5. Watching One Tree Hill
    I totally judged anyone who watched. Then one day I was housesitting & saw The OC was gonna be starting from the beginning on SoapNet which I obviously had to watch [sidenote: I judged the commercials of The OC as a resident of The OC and watched the pilot ep only to mock. I got sucked in] Only problem? OTH was on beforehand & nothing else was on TV. So, watched the pilot & then got on my Netflix & moved the season DVDs to the front of my queue & powered thru them all. Watched the whole series
  6. Unironically listen to the occasional Taylor Swift song
    Note: I've always acknowledged her songwriting skillz. But I still hold firm to my theory that if she hadn't been a super tall fifteen year old blonde girl there's no way she would have become as famous. That said, her new album is reluctantly full of earworms. I still have no goals to be a part of her #squadgoals though.
  7. Text more often than call
    Did not get unlimited texting until 2012 when I was talking with a guy who was a big texter. The only time before that that I was close to going over my text limit was the 2010 postseason when my beloved Giants finally won a World Series in my lifetime (and then went on to win 2 more. Boom!)