Friday - Tuesday
  1. Drive to SF for a Work Meeting
    Afterwards immediately go to the much anticipated...
  2. List App Meet Up!
    Where you get to meet @kate81 @MichaelRose @michellejennifer @im_yon IN REAL LIFE. and drink beer! And have wonderful conversations! (Seriously, it was so fantastic to meet you all!! Michael has lived a cool life and his kids are super awesome. Kate is currently on an amazing trip that I'm super jealous of. Michelle and Jon and I are totally going to Hoodslam soon and you all should be jealous) SAN FRANCISCO LIST APP MEET UP LIVELISTING!!
  3. Get home at 2am. Wake up to go to a baby shower.
    Want to die because you aren't as young as you used to be and only 4 hours sleep before the baby shower and the food isn't ready and there's no mimosas. Also, baby showers are the worst. And a super annoying person who moved away was back in town for the shower and she is still as selfishly annoying as ever.
  4. Finally break away with friend and promptly decide you need something to cleanse your palate from all the church lady baby shower-ness.
  5. Jump in the car and see what theater has the soonest Independence Day Resurgence showing.
    Drive to Modesto. Get popcorn and soda. Thoroughly enjoy the absolute ridiculousness of it. Love it more than you should but don't care because it is just fun.
  6. Want to go to bed stupid early but instead start clearing out the DVR where you are housesitting.
    Why would I waste those episodes of Veronica Mars and season one of Gilmore Girls?
  7. Wake up and go to church.
    Have it actually be a good sermon that keeps your attention.
  8. Catch up with friends and then go out to lunch at your favorite restaurant that you rarely get to go to.
    And since you are friends with the owner get amazing margs and apps. Your tummy will be the happiest it's been in awhile.
  9. Text with @mallofamanda
  10. Wake up and drive to Sacramento where you get to meet @mallofamanda IN REAL LIFE!!
    Hug. Gab. Be jealous that she can pull off some fantasticly bright fun lipstick. Complain about the heat. Enjoy the shade. Wish you could hang out longer and do a proper meet up. Still feel lucky that internet friends can meet in real life and it's totally not weird at all. Listers are the best. Hug again. Say goodbye. How to Have a List Meet-up Quickie
  11. Go to Mom's for lunch and get a pedicure instead.
    Then drive through Taco Bell on the way back to her house. (Sadly not the infamous Taco Bell @jaidub but so so close!) *UPDATE* IT IS THE SAME INFAMOUS TACO BELL. Henceforth I shall only get Mexican Pizzas from here.
  12. Drive to friends house and see friend who is visiting from Colorado.
    Have typical wonderfully awkward conversations and laugh, per usual.
  13. Get in the car and head to San Francisco. Leave early to beat traffic and get there with a half hour before the gates even open.
    Walk around to The Yard and enjoy a pre game beer.
  14. Go inside and have amazing first row seats right in front of the visitors bullpen mound.
    Enjoy the view. Be sad about the A's scoring a lot. Roll eyes at the early if not first date happening directly behind us and the girl who WOULD NOT SHUT UP. Put on rally gear and help the Giants finally score runs in the last two innings.
  15. Walk back to the car. See that it's INSANELY backed up to get on the bay bridge.
    Go down embarcadero and then hit 101. Enjoy the gorgeousness of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  16. Get back to Sac around midnight but have to go home because you're watching your brother's dog
    Get loaded with snacks and soda for the drive back. Finish the Bill Simmons podcast you started on the drive up and discover that The West Wing Weekly has the whole ATX reunion as a podcast! (@bookishclaire how did I miss this?!) listen to this and there is no way to be tired and fall asleep while driving.
  17. Get home around 2ish.
    Let the dog run around. Turn on the AC. Go to bed.
  18. Wake up to meet one of your oldest and favoritest friends (whom you haven't seen in 2 years) for breakfast at one of your favorite spots.
    Catch up on life and listen to him recount the story of his elk that he bagged in the backcountry of Montana. Appreciate that there are friendships that can just pick up and conversation can just flow. Stop by to visit another friend real quick before he leaves. Hug goodbye.
  19. Walk back into a shop and sit and visit with your friend who was gone all week on a missions trip with church.
  20. Go home and clean up housesitting house and then be outside when brother and family get home.
    Get attacked with hugs. Have babyniece inform you that you can't leave. Promise to come back tomorrow to hang out.
  21. Go to work. Find out the coaches cancelled practice because it's 106 outside. Go home early.
    Go inside your house to stay. (You've only been there for a total of a week and a half since mid May) Discover that it's 92 inside. Put on AC. Eat ice cream. Start working on your own DVR. (First 3 episodes of Braindead on CBS. it's super interesting! And kinda ridiculous. But I totally dig it. Plus, Aaron Tveit!!!)
  22. List about it. Finally.
    Mainly just to recount how blessed you are and what a great few days it's been.