1. Don't look at this.
    It's awful and weird and wrong.
  2. Listen to this...
  3. ...while watching this
  4. And this
  5. Followed by this
  6. Then get a giggle from this
  7. And finally watch this tribute set to his warmup song (it even takes you back to his pre pro ball days)
    http://youtu.be/6z5AhLBvX9w (be warned that this one also has a lot of Brian Wilson and he broke your heart but you still have feelings for him)
  8. After you've done this,
  9. Tell yourself that you are overjoyed that he gets to pitch again. And that it isn't on that other LA team.
  10. And convince yourself that he'll prove again that he's awesome and then sign back with the Giants next year since Peavy's contract will be done.
  11. But also, don't forget to just be grateful that you got to witness so much greatness from the guy.
  12. And he'll always be The Freak.
  13. (Please take good care of him @HisDudeness 😕)