1. Today started normal
  2. Today was not normal
  3. Today I sat as transfixed by my Twitter feed as I was by Peter Jennings on 9/11
  4. Today I was vocally active on all my social media, something I'm usually careful to not be
  5. Today I was brought to tears more times then I care to admit, a few were good but most were out of fear and anger and just straight up heartbreak
  6. Today I watched the worst of our country try to put a stop to what makes our country actually Great
  7. Today I watched people truly come together and make a difference
  8. Today I watched people give their time and energy to doing what was right
  9. Today I watched a judge make a good decision
  10. Today I watched as people who worked hard and were here after going through all the proper legal immigration channels be treated as they should not have been
  11. Today I put myself in their place and cried, knowing I would in no way be able to handle such a situation
  12. Today I was irate as I discovered that amidst all of this, Trump made Bannon a member of the National Security Council but will only let the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Head of National Intelligence attend the council when the issues are relevant to their expertise
  13. Today I am not okay with that
  14. Today I am not okay with so very much
  15. Today I knew exactly which side of history I want to be a part of
  16. Today I prayed for so many people
  17. Tomorrow we continue fighting because it's only just begun