I famously believe that the weekend before/of Super Bowl to be the best time for free samples at Costco, but maaaaaan, today was good. There was a long line for gas so I went in to grab lunch and was pleasantly surprised by the quality.
  1. Jelly Bellys, y'all. JELLY BELLYS
    Right as you walked in too!! What a start. Well played, Costco.
  2. The MOST delicious popcorn on the face of the planet.
  3. Lamb! That was not ready no matter how many times I circled back around 😒
  4. Ham!!
  5. Quiche
  6. I highly recommend these taquitos. So good.
  7. Cinnamon rolls! Not nearly enough icing, sample lady.
  8. Lemonade to wash it all down
  9. Carrots and ranch to cleanse the palette
  10. And then I went and got a slice of cheese pizza.